5 Steps to Safeguard Your Home During Storms and Winds!


You know storms are unpredictable! But the loss that it causes is everything that you don’t want to experience! And that’s the reason staying safe during storms is so much important. And by safety, we didn’t mean just you and your family, but also your belongings and home should be secured against the drastic effects of the storm or heavy winds.

Just as storms are unavoidable, so are the loss and harms that happen due to it. You couldn’t stop everything that’s going haywire with it. But at least you can try and stay cautious in order to safeguard your home and family. After all, that’s the only secure place in the entire universe, no matter how many ups and downs life throws your way.

Follow these steps to safeguard your home in the next storm or heavy wind!

 Storms can be life threatening and property shattering. But it’s time you stayed safer and wiser. To ensure a complete safety and protection of your home, follow the below steps at the onset of a storm:

  • Thoroughly check the fence around your home — It hardly takes some minutes from your schedule, but as soon as you get a warning of the storm, immediately go and thoroughly check your house’s fences inside out. It’s better than running in panic in cases of loss of a pet, or if heavy winds carries away everything from your home. If it shows signs of fixing or wear down, do the same immediately if possible. Or if the condition is too damaged, better get a temporary fence for hire from A.F.C. Rent A Fence for the emergency situation. These fences are sturdy enough to provide a good safety guard to your property, and once the storm subsides, you can replace the temporary fence with a permanent one.
  • Move away what wind can pick up — Heavy wind can be powerful than any pickup truck or machines. It has the power to take away anything and drop it at a distant location. Ensure to move your furniture from the backyard to a covered spot or in the garage. Remember, the wind and has the power to breakdown your window in case it crashes with it.
  • Check your outdoor structures — If you have any outdoor structure like a kennel or a stable or even a patio for that matter, ensure these are firm in their places. If your property is too old and these areas are jerking or are in a bad condition, ask for the state help during such calamities immediately.
  • Shift the pet’s homes inside — No matter how good your pet’s home may be, it’s better to shift them indoors for increased safety. You never know when their homes may get blown away and they’ll be strangled due to the flying structures.
  • Keep your doors and windows tightly shut — Though there won’t be much time for a proper repair in case of loose window handles or door locks if the storm is already on its way, but ensure to get the maximum protection you can by any urgent repair service. Keep all your doors locked firmly with windows being tightly shut. If you doubt them, you can even try keeping heavy furniture near them for better safety and tie the window handles with a rope.

We know your home is special to you and its safety during such storms should be of optimum priority to you! But always remember, you and your family are of utmost importance — and therefore it’s always recommended to ensure your and your family’s safety before the property and everything in it! 

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