The Awesomeness of the Timeless Venetian Plaster!


Soft, elegant, classy and timeless – these are the adjectives we use for Venetian plaster! It’s soft because of the natural materials used in it. It’s elegant and classy because this material leaves a super smooth and perfect finish on the surfaces. And timeless, because Venetian plasters have been used since the times of the ancient Egyptian and Greek civilizations. And what’s more, though you are already so impressed with the astounding qualities of the Venetian plaster, you can stay glued, there are more to surprise you!

The Extraordinary Benefits of Venetian Plaster!

So, you are busy searching for a good plaster for your home. And we are highly in the favour of the Venetian plaster but only if the job of spreading it is carried out by an excellent plasterer in Kent, D.H. white plastering are pros in their job. This job requires perfect skills and oodles of experience to lay the plaster very well, they are compatible to tick all these in the checklist.

  • Improves air quality in your home — We know you are always worried about the air quality of your home. The dangers of Carbon dioxide, monoxide and other such substances present in your home always stress you. Well, with Venetian plaster, be assured that your home ambience would be totally safe from carbon dioxide. This plaster contains limestone and water. So, it absorbs all the carbon dioxide in your home and gets super strong. Well, the harmful gas gets absorbed and even your wall becomes stronger.
  • Regulates humidity— No doubt the Venetian plaster soaks the harmful gas and moisture in the air and becomes strong. But don’t worry, this firmness is breathable and helps in regulating humidity in the room a lot. So, during the scorching months, there would be less heat in the room because of the underlying moisture in the walls. Also, if the weather is humid or the room where it’s laid is full of moisture (like a washroom), then it absorbs the wetness in the air. This again, helps in regulating the humidity in the atmosphere.
  • Natural mould and mildew prevention — So, by now you know that Venetian plaster consists of limestone and that is why is highly alkaline in nature with an increased level of PH. This makes it a natural fungicide and you won’t find any mould growth in this surface for a long time.
  • Can be used anywhere and everywhere — No matter where you want to have the Venetian plaster in your home, ceiling or floor or even the washroom or kitchen, it is suitable for any kind of surface.
  • It’s a natural and eco-friendly choice — They call Venetian plaster the greenest plaster (as compared to other options). The main component being limestone adds to it being a natural and eco-friendly option that doesn’t harm the environment in any way.

So, we are done praising the Venetian plaster for you! We are sure you are impressed! It’s natural and obvious! So, let’s have it done in your home during the next renovation. 

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