The ‘Emotional’ Interior Lifestyle Trends

In addition to the ‘Physical’ trend, I has given rise to what I call ’emotional’ trends. These are the sentiments and attitudes that I believe the public has about how they approach general life, work life, and home life in light of Covid-19.

We have gained a lot of perspective from the virus, lockdowns, and working from home. We need more than just trendy stuff. It’s important to remember that we have deeper emotional connections because of the experiences of the past year. We know that we have re-evaluated elements of our four walls, which means our feelings toward home, as a result of spending more time at home.

The words ‘investment and ‘investment are two of my favorite phrases. A quote I posted on my Instagram: “An investment in education pays the best interest”, as stated by Benjamin Franklin. It made me wonder if many of us are doing enough and if not, if so, how are we spending our time (or extra) in the most efficient way. I feel empowered when I put my mind to something productive, such as reading, researching and learning, and never regret doing so. You will never regret investing in knowledge. I have whittled down my emotional tendencies to four main categories that all start with the word “investing”.

Investing in home

Lockdown may have made you realize that your space isn’t right for you. Or if you’ve re-evaluated your home and are now seeing your four walls differently, you can invest in your home more than ever. You can move away from the city for more outdoor space or to live closer to your job. Or you can stay where you are because you’ve taken the time to reflect on what we need from our surroundings. It’s possible to make extensions and renovations that are more cost-effective, feasible, and better designed than moving your entire house. We are shifting our focus to durable materials and products, no matter where we may be putting our hats. We are increasingly searching for ‘craft’, “artistry” and “bespoke” in our searches. This shows that we seek out products and designs with deeper meanings, whether they are made sustainably, locally or by a respected designer. Products that tell our stories and reflect us are more sought after. It is better to invest in heirloom pieces that can last the test of times, even if they cost more. We know that their sentimental and personal value will not only be monetary, but also emotional. Susi’s collection was designed and manufactured in England using only the finest materials.

Open-plan living isn’t ideal for lockdown, so we are now examining whether putting up walls is a better, more peaceful, and less chaotic way to live. Instead, architects will be asked for the design of separate rooms with noise insulation. Luxury will have a new meaning. It will refer to a room that can do more than one thing. For example, it can be used to work in, exercise in, relax in, or host guests. Furniture that is able to adapt to multiple functions will be required for rooms that are multifunctional. There will be more modular furniture, and even sofas that can transform from sofa to bed to footstool to den, depending on the situation.

Sully – Modular furniture – Made

“Cosy Living” has been a growing trend over the last few years. However, as we spend more time at home than ever before, our searches are increasing for products like throws, cushions, candles and other items that have a homey feel. Comfort is a must, as we spend so much time at home. Cottage-core and hygge are examples of the comfort we yearn for. Many of us are subject to salary changes due to furloughs, redundancies and changes in job circumstances. We want our disposable income to increase. We want it to be used on reliable, high-quality items and color palettes that are not tied to trends. We’ll be looking for newness in new ways. This includes make-do, mending and making our own accessories. Slow-movement is really taking off. Many of us are learning new skills and saving money while still enjoying the process.


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