There Is More To Blogging For Money Than Just Blogging For Money!

I noticed yesterday after making a post to this blog my page rank in Google for the keyword phrase “blogging for money” jumped up by about 3 pages.

That would figure I guess – since this is about a 4 or 5 month old blog that I hadn’t made any post to for probably 3 or 4 weeks.

To begin with, I tackled tough keywords with a lot of competition. So, as you can imagine, except for some advertising I did with Google Adwords, I haven’t had much traffic to this blog.

That has made me lose patience and not want to write posts on any kind of schedule. That’s bad news for a blog. Without fresh content – when you’re tackling tough keywords, you won’t stand a chance of rising in the SERPS, period.

So hear I am sitting at my desk with nothing “profound” to say about blogging for money and feeling like a loser. It won’t last long though because I’m an optimist, but still it feels kind of lousy right at the moment.

Another mistake I’m making with this blog is that I’m trying to be too perfect. I’m trying too hard to have wonderfully informative posts here because I think that’s what my readers are looking for. I very well could be wrong.

I don’t have many readers anyway…
The ones I do have probably realize I don’t really know everything…
And, the readers I do have would probably think it was refreshing if I just sort of “let it all hang out”… so to speak
By golly, I think I might have said something “profound” anyway. OK, let’s see if we can put it into perspective. How about something like this;


So there… I had something to say anyway! I don’t know if my revelation did you any good… but it sure might have helped me.

I’ll see if I might not have a little more fun in the future writing posts to this blogging for money blog!

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