Things Driving Schools Won’t Tell You


Learning to drive a car is always an achievement. Many of us have felt the heat of the moment when we first put the hands on the wheel. But, certain things come with experience only. Things that are purely derived from past situations, or accidents! You will either overlook or underestimate certain learnings you gathered during your stay in the driving school. Those learnings only come seriously to you when you face a serious situation or see another fellow driver in the same. Read on to know some of the crucial things that you won’t learn in the driving schools, things that driving schools won’t tell you.

  • Looking Forward 

Skilled motorists know the significance of examining the road ahead for latent threats, however many rookies do not. They think of this as a useless exercise. But it is important to scan the road ahead. Now and then, beginners get stalled for the moment and fail to understand risks in the forthcoming road while driving, for example, potholes, animals blocking the road or even other cars for that matter. One of the most significant things a beginner in driving can do is to look through the distance for threats ahead that could cross paths with them.

  • Drives and Drugs 

This is a common problem and the reason behind many accidents happened with new drivers. Numerous beginners in driving are below 21 or so, making it illegitimate for them to ingest alcohol or any other drugs. Regrettably, this law is not followed by all as stated by a Driving Instructor in North Brisbane, and many juvenile drivers decide to consume drugs or alcohol and hold pedals. Since immature drinking is criminal young drivers would not prefer calling a cab home, making them closer to drive after under the influence of alcohol. A couple of drinks aren’t worth your life, or others’ as well. It is simple to comprehend, do not get drugged and drive.

  • Minding the Mirrors

If your glasses are not properly adjusted, a blind spot may come in your way and hinder you. A blind spot is a section of the road that you can’t perceive, so you may fail to recognize a car driving close to you in nearby traffic lanes. To eradicate blind spots, bend your side-view glasses accordingly to get the complete reproduction of the road to enable you to see everything else on the road else than your car. To arrest a blind spot, drive past some other parked car in the backside, with the help of your side-view mirror. Once it is beyond the vision, you should perceive it with your peripheral vision. The rear-view mirror has to be accustomed so that you can have a clear gaze of the back window of your car. While adjusting the glasses, you should be in your usual driving position.

  • Getting Affected by Bullies

None of us likes to be intimidated or terrorized, particularly when we are in a new state that we are not entirely accustomed to. Do not let the blaring horns of other drivers or the dense exhaling of your elder member in the co-driver seat impact the choices you make while driving a car. It is not only disastrous for your practice of driving a car but also dangerous for your safety and the safety of the passengers commuting with you. When you are on the driver’s seat, you choose when to turn the thing, and when to break into an intersection.

  • Seat Belts are Sweet Belts

Though this is something taught in the driving school, we decided to add it for affirmation! If you are driving a car with the latest variant, you have been gifted with an electronic safety system that cries irritating beeping noises and declines to shut up until you buckle your seatbelt! Hence, always have a habit of buckling up your seatbelts no matter what. After all, you might not be driving a car that offers the luxury of annoying seatbelt reminders always.

Car driving and things to take into account while driving are countless. The bottom line is you are the one who is responsible for any circumstances that occur to you while driving. Keep driving safe!

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