Things I wish I’d done when I was a new MDX student lifestyle

As I’m about to finish my final year at university, I make time to reflect on my experiences overall and reflect on what is different young as I was if we were aware of what I am currently. It’s essential to remember that you’re not only here to complete your degree; there are a myriad of opportunities to take part in, develop and cherish, no matter how it is that you’re here.

As an example, I could have been a:

  1. Student voice leader
  2. It would’ve been fantastic to represent my school and demand improvement if one of my classmates protested. Students go to universities to learn and earn the best possible grade. So, by becoming an SVU, I would be able to help all students by listening to the issues while studying and voice the students to program the leaders.
  3. Joining the gym
  4. The Fitness pod could be an excellent method to stay fit mentally and physically. It’s PS20 for a month’s membership and just PS12 when you go on weekends. It’s a steal!
  5. Student Ambassador
  6. Participating as an MDX student ambassador can be a fantastic method to be engaged at the university. If you’ve been a student ambassador in college and returning to it at university was a breeze. No matter what you do not have previous knowledge, the goal of being an ambassador for students is to develop as a person and discover new aspects about yourself. It is a great way to make new people, get an enticing job, and impart your knowledge about the school to students who are new!
  7. Join an organization
  8. As secluded as I can get, I have learned from my university experience that starting college has taught me that there’s an opportunity for every person. I would definitely consider being a part of the ACS (African and Caribbean Society) and becoming a part of POW! Media which is the university’s media outlet. Particularly since I love to write, it could have been the perfect opportunity for me to develop and enhance my skills already. This alone could make my resume appear more appealing.
  9. Create an entire society

When I think about it, while I have the chance to join a society, the possibility of making my own society isn’t too bad. I can imagine it now; it would be the Stranger Things society – we’d meet for meetings, where we came up with the wackiest theories and watched the show repeatedly.

In reality, a new society has been established by a student Maggie Davies. Join this society, the Sustainability and Plastic Reduction Society, for those who are committed to protecting the environment by utilizing and disposing of plastic in a responsible way.

If you’re uncertain about how you can get the most out of your time at college, you are able to take this test to determine which activities are most suitable for you and the best way to be #MadeInMiddlesex.

We wish you the very best!

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