Turn Your Home Into a Haven From Germs With These Easy-to-follow Tips


With the rise of Coronavirus, don’t take the health of you and your family lightly. These are crucial times where cleanliness should be at the top of your priority, and there are several simple steps to achieve the same.

With self-quarantine on the ascent, you will be spending more and more inside your home. That being said, can you risk catching viruses and germs inside your humble abode, sickening all your family members? Guess not! With that thought, let’s discover some easy-to-follow tips to keep your home germ-proof.

  • Disinfect! Disinfect! Disinfect! 

We can’t emphasise more on the severity of this tip. Disinfecting every surface of your home is the only way to ensure that your property stays safe from the attack of viruses. Use a clean cloth with a disinfecting solution to wipe all the general use areas such as the sofa sets, beds and the patios. Also, you can use alcohol and diluted bleach solutions (after checking the surface) to keep your home germ-free. You can also experts for enjoying satisfactory home cleaning services in Melbourne. 

  • Clean Every Foreign Object

Not everything can be created within the four walls of your home. You will be buying essentials and groceries to survive, even in isolation. Before you let such packages enter your premises, disinfect them thoroughly. Keep disinfecting sprays handy as they are going to be used every few hours.

  • Clean the Basins

From your washroom basin to your kitchen sink, nothing is safe from germs and bacteria. No matter how many times you wash it with water, it’s not enough. That being said, use alcohol-based or bleach-based solutions to keep your basins and sinks fresh and free from germs. This precaution becomes all the more crucial if a sick person has been using these spaces.

  • Floors should be Your Focal Point

Floors can transmit diseases with ease which makes it all the more important to clean them routinely. If your floor material allows it, wash your floors with a mix of soap and water to get rid of all components of the virus. In other cases, mopping twice a day with the disinfecting solution will work in your favour. For effective cleaning, hire reliable home cleaning services in Melbourne to your aid.

  • Wash your Hands!

Try not to touch any surface with bare hands. Use disposable gloves while cleaning or even doing the laundry. Keep your bare hands as sanitised as possible. Remember, gloves and masks are your best bet at safety against the deadly corona, so use them well. 

  • Your Pets aren’t your Best Friends at the Moment

We all love our pets to the fullest. However, they unknowingly spread germs and disease components, making the humans in the house very sick. Every time you touch your pets, thoroughly wash your hands, and if possible, use gloves while coming in contact with them. 

The more you clean, the higher are the chances for your family to stay safe and healthy in these testing times. Make sure that you practice proper hygiene and sanitise all the common touching surfaces as often as possible, especially in case of a sick person harbouring within your premises.

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