Types Of Frames Available For Your House And How To Choose The One Perfect For You


Building a home is not an easy task. It involves a lot of planning and investment.  Since it’s a costly affair; most families invest their life savings in constructing a new house. It gives the safety and pleasure of living together to family members. Correctly choosing the materials for a home reduces the cost of construction and helps to build a strong house that lasts for many years.

What are the frames available for windows?

Wooden frames are a popular choice for home windows. Reason being that they are sturdy and last longer.  Further, they add a pleasant look to the house. Best woods for window frames include Teak, pine, cedar, Beech, Ash, and oak.

How to choose the best wood depends on your payment capability and the desire to decorate your home.

Teak wood is expensive. It is ideal for people for affluent categories. It gives a perfect look and adds natural beauty to your home. It also increases the overall real estate value. Moreover, it lasts longer and requires much less maintenance.

People, who cannot afford expensive wood, can choose cedar. It has a uniform texture and highly resistant to insects and decay.

You can also select jackfruit tree wood for window frames. It lasts longer and gives a nice look for the window frames. It is also the best wood for door frames, cabinet frames and table frames.

Ashwood boasts a light brown color. It is economical when compared to other hardwood frames. It is suitable for steam bent furniture and structural frames.

Beech is a heavy and hardwood. It has tiny pores. It is the best wood for frames.

Rose wood features dark reddish brown color. It is the best wood for furniture. People, who do not afford expensive wooden frames for their home windows, can choose metal frames. They are of lightweight and require less maintenance.

Selecting the right wood for your window, door frames and furniture requires careful attention and expertise. You can seek the help of a skilled and experienced carpenter to select the right wood for your door and window frames. The carpenters help to choose the right wood with minimal waste when working. When selecting a wood make sure that outer layer of wood is thin. You can minimize the wastage when working with such lumber.

You can visit a local timber shop to select the best quality wood for your dream home. You need to choose the right wood and get it cut into suitable lengths and widths to make door frames and window frames.

Some woods are prone to termites and insects. They require treatment before or after making window and door frames. The carpenter selects the right termite treatment for the frames so it will last longer. It also requires less maintenance.

However, you should be careful in selecting the termite treatment. Some chemical treatments may cause allergy to the family members. Therefore, it is better to choose the wood that withstands insects and decay. It saves maintenance cost and keeps family members free from health hazards.

Metal frames

You can also select metals like aluminum for window frames. It requires less maintenance. They need no paint. You can include them in contemporary architecture. It allows ample sunlight without any wear and tear. They are less expensive when compared to wooden frames. However, it is advised to choose aluminum window frames for the first floor and second floor. They do not rust or shrink in the long term.

Affordable Vinyl Frames

People looking for an economical way of making window frames can select Vinyl frames. You can craft a frame and fit the glass nicely for a perfect look. They provide greater insulation and energy efficient. They require less maintenance. However, it is not recommended for homeowners looking for resale of their homes.

Iron Window Frames

Those looking for durable, economical and sturdy window frames can use iron. You can choose a variety of designs to give a nice look to your home.

Homeowners can choose the right material for door and window frames based on affordability, security, and durability.

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