Is Vaping Cannabis Better than Smoking it? Know How and Why!

Vaping is a common term given to the process of using an electronic cigarette or an e-cigarette. An e-cigarette is basically a handheld device that heats a special kind of liquid inside and generates vapour, thereby giving the person the feel of smoking. Vaping has become extremely common in today’s time. More and more people are shifting from normal cigarettes and choosing vaping. The reason being the fact that the harmful effects of smoking is absent in vaping.

With time, more and more advanced devices or vapes are coming up to enhance the experience of smoking. Most of the vapes today have temperature control and comes with all the other advanced features. Also, depending on the substance used as the e-liquid, vaping also has some serious health benefits. For experiencing it first hand, you can look for cannabis vape oil in UK. Cannajuice is a UK based company that offers high quality cbd products. They offer a selection of wide range of CBD oils, CBD tinctures, CBD edibles and also high quality vape kits.

Benefits of cannabis vaping over smoking

If you want to just experience vaping as a substitute of smoking, then you can select from a wide array of flavoured e-liquids. Whatever fun flavour you want to try, you will find them at vape shops and online stores. You can also go for the exotic ones like skunk flavoured e liquid in UK. Other than that, if you want to try vaping for medicinal purposes then you need to use cannabis. However, there has been a debate over whether smoking cannabis is better or vaping. Let us get into it in more details:

  • Safe: Both, smoking and vaping cannabis helps in surfacing the beneficial effects of it quickly. But one should always go for the safer method. The total amount of harmful toxins that get inhaled in the process of smoking cannabis actually gets reduced while vaping it. More than one hundred different types of cancer linked toxins are released while smoking. Despite what some of the experts say, these toxins reduce the beneficial effects of cannabis and works against them. Studies have even shown that vaping cannabis gives the exact same medicinal effect as smoking it, just without the harmful smoke filled with toxins.
  • Lung health: Smoking in any form is extremely harmful for your lungs. But not this time. Vaping helps in improving the health of your lungs. Vaping, as we know, releases much lower toxins than smoking. So, the possibility of you getting affected by lung related issues (like bronchitis) gets reduced. Vaporizing can thus be actually way better for your lungs. Many studies have shown how the health of people’s lungs has improved after they had switched to vaping from smoking.
  • Dosage: As far as dosage of cannabis is concerned, vaping gives people more control over its dose. It also provides quicker relief over the pills and other edible forms of cannabis. Vaping cannabis helps the relief by allowing active medicinal ingredients to enter your bloodstream directly via your lungs. It takes longer time for edibles to show effects, as the cannabis first has to be fully absorbed into your liver before it can show any kind of effects. So the control of dosing is much higher in case of vaporizing. As it provides instant relief, you can inhale it as long as you think you need it.
  • Discreet: Vaping cannabis is a much more discreet process than smoking. A lot of smoke is released due to combustion of cannabis. This automatically fills up the space with the known odour of terpenes. So, everyone present nearby can easily understand that you have been smoking. On the other hand, vaping cannabis is almost odourless. So, if you want to be low-key about taking cannabis, then vaping is the best option for you.

These are the few benefits of vaping cannabis over smoking it. Patients even reported that the “high” obtained by vaping cannabis was much more controllable than taking it in any other form.


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