Veil the Scars and Make Your Car Snazzy!


The immense pride and overwhelming feeling you experience when you get the keys of your new car is something very special! But remember that first scuff mark on your baby? And ohh! That weird scratch it developed overnight (just like a pimple on your face)? It’s heartbreaking to see your glistening car marked with such an ugly scar!

But fret not, we have some sneaking secrets through which you can actually veil those scratches! Just a little creativity, some late-night hard work and your car becomes the glamorous beauty again, in fact, a little more bewitching (to be honest)!

Sneaky tips to hide the scratches on your car!

It’s obvious the first idea that crossed your mind after seeing that scratch on your car is to contact a mechanic! But not all car issues need a car doctor! Some require your creativity and love and some hacks to try on your vehicle! Some of these tips to hide those scratches on your car can actually make the scars go invisible for years! Read about those smashing ideas below!

  • Car spray or paint —Always loved sports car, did you? Here’s the time to live your dream and veil the scratch on your car simultaneously! Paint it the way you want — go crazy with ideas or just google your favourite sporty look! Have the scratched area hidden well under the coat of paint and voila! Your car looks ravishing and the scratches have vanished for years now!
  • Car stickers — Make your car look like a royalty along with totally shielding the scratches! Gift your car a banner sticker from Radial life and optimise its charm! These vinyl car stickers stay on your vehicle for long, and the stylish fonts can enhance the beauty of any car incredibly!
  • Car scratch removers — Scratch removal products mostly consist of formulations that have mild or special polishing agents which are best to remove mild surface imperfections. Using these could be a super awesome idea if the ding isn’t too deep!
  • Car wax – Heard of these before, right? Yes, it’s used to give your car paints a finished look followed by a car polish! Well, then why not use it as a scratch covering agent too? Fill in the mark with it, buff a little and never let anyone know about the scratch ever again!
  • Go scribbling — There are various types of car pens available in the stores that could easily cover those marks for you! Write what you want the world to know through your vehicle or simply doodle on it — the choice is yours! But your car shouldn’t look too clumsy, yet the scratches must be well hidden under your scribbles!
  • Toothpaste— We know shinier teeth are a result of applying toothpaste twice daily! Shhhh! But we have a secret here! The scratches on your car can be dealt with these too! Just wash the car, apply them and buff! If the scratch hasn’t gone deep, it’s sure to have it cured easily!

A nice-looking car is a pride for every owner! It’s just not right to worry sick and invest loads for just handling some scratches on it! Try these quirky tips and watch the charisma happen!

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