What to Do After a Home Inspection?


In any real estate deal, it is inevitable to check for discrepancies and issues in the house and its structures. Yes, this is what a home inspection service is called. But once you are done with this useful service, you ought to take specific, necessary steps at the earliest. 

Most of the times, house owners delay with this aspect thinking that their job is done as the report is ready. But the real task starts from now, as you have to make some informed decisions at this stage. 

  • Seek the Copy of the Inspection Report

An inspection report services as the true evidence of the home inspection done at your place or the prospective home. It contains all the information about issues that need immediate attention and which are not significant. Firstly, ensure that you seek this inspection report within the stipulated time as per the agreement between you and the home inspector in brevard county

Secondly, ensure that the report is in the specified format and contains important details as required. You can check for some formats online, and sample inspection reports for further understanding. 

  • Make Decisions About the Purchase or Rejection

It is up to how you would like to go ahead with the real estate deal. Remember that a genuine inspector will not specify the decision in the report, nor will inform it to you orally. If the inspector attempts to convince you in any way, red-flag him. You cannot rely on a biased inspection report. You can reject the property if you find that the issues are expensive and are beyond your capacities. 

Similarly, you can make a purchase decision based on the report. Ensure that you are receiving the deposit amount paid to the seller as per the agreement. 

  • Get the Repairs Done in Case of a Favourable Decision

Now, let us see what happens when you are satisfied with the report. No house is perfect as everyone says, you could be repairing the things that need attention. According to the requisite repairs, you could be asking for a price cutback from the seller. Or you could re-draft the agreement and ask the seller to do the needful. It is advisable to seek documentation of the repairs done by your or the seller for future reference. 

  • Draft a Future Home Maintenance Plan

Often ignored by the homeowners, this step needs crucial attention. This is the best time to chalk out a home maintenance schedule as you know which repairs are done. For instance, your roof will need a touch-up after six months, or the pipes need to be serviced after a year. Specify everything in your calendar and set reminders for the same to ensure nothing slips out of your mind. 

A home buyer needs to be focused and productive even after a home inspection.

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