WordGigs Review Is It Worth It

If you’re looking for writing opportunities, there are millions of sites to pick from. You may be searching for a WordGigs review and are trying to determine if you should complete the application process to become a freelance writer on their website.

The WordGigs review will cover the website’s features, how it operates,, how much it costs, what you can anticipate out of the site, and whether it’s worth the cost.

WordGigs Review

Let’s glance at WordGigs and determine the pros and cons of using it for freelance writers.

What is WordGigs?

WordGigs is a freelance writing website. It offers a broad range of writing opportunities across various fields, including finance, medical and technology, legal, and many more.

Compared to other writing websites, these don’t only offer job opportunities. You must apply for approval to become an author.

Although the site is designed to be for experienced and new U.S. writers, the typical pricing is lower. This often happens on these gig sites for freelance writers.

You have to be a U.S. citizen to utilize WordGigs. This can be a disadvantage for specific users. Additionally, you must pass a basic high-school grammar test to be accepted.

Once you’re approved, it’s clear that you remain an independent contractor and not an employee in the real sense or someone who receives assignments at a predetermined amount and frequency. If you’re already freelance, this is a minor change. However, it was a matter of making it explicit in case you were searching for a site offering either full or part-time writers.

How much money can you earn through WordGigs?

The median pay for a WordGig WordGigs can be $4.50 per 350-word piece and $18 for the 900-word work.

Let’s face it: This is at the lower spectrum of freelance gigs. For some, they are indeed thrilled to get paid anyhow.

You may also be paid for ebooks and press releases alongside your articles.

The payment is paid twice monthly, via Paypal every 1st of the month and on the 15th.

In contrast to other websites that require you to pay to join. It’s completely free once you’ve been accepted as an author.

Here’s what they say are the alternative options currently available for writing:

It would help if you got yourself to the more lucrative articles; a few have stated that it takes a lot of time to move up. Here at Make A Living Writing, it would help if you didn’t write for small amounts of money. We have many resources (and an online forum) to aid you in earning more as a freelancer.

The requirements to join WordGigs

To get an assignment from WordGigs, first, you must be accepted as a writer. WordGigs is not a job site where you can log in and browse the available jobs.

They provide a list of the requirements you’ll have to satisfy first:

  • U.S. Citizen Living in the U.S. and a native English speaker.
  • You must be able to finish work in 24 hours or less
  • A reliable computer and an internet connection
  • It is essential to maintain high-quality writing levels
  • A verified PayPal account.
  • Writing examples from the past to give to

You also qualify as a freelance writer when you sign up with WordGigs. That means you’ll have to pay for your tax, health insurance and other obligations.

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