Top reasons why you need to get home security cameras right now

When it comes to installing security cameras, one of the oft-mentioned reasons is that they can help provide you with an extra layer of security. While that point is accepted, a recent study was conducted with the results indicating nearly a 16%drop in crime rates due to these cameras being installed on-premises. But apart from the crime rate, there are a few other reasons that you may want to consider when it comes to installing these cameras. Check them out,

  • Theft: You would be surprised to learn that not all theft takes place due to break-ins at your townhouse or mansion. Some of them occur on the premises and due to your employees shoplifting your products or merchandise, without your knowledge. And having home security cameras installed can help prevent such incidents and even control any excessive behavior while they are working during their shifts. Similarly, you can get these installed at the workplace as well and for the same reasons. This should help reduce the shrinkage and enable you to safeguard your products, merchandise from being shoplifted.
  • Keep your employees productive: Whether it is at your home or the office, the fact is that most of them would tend to goof off, especially when you are not around. And that is all the more reason as to why you need these home security cameras installed so that you can monitor their behavior especially when you are not around. Moreover, you can even utilize this to assess their suitability and decide whether you need to terminate their contract.
  • Workplace disputes: Irrespective of whether it takes place at your home or the office, disputes are bound to arise for one reason or the other. More often than not, it would boil down to ‘ He said, She said’ defense from both parties. And that is why it is a good idea to have these security cameras along with the audio feedback, installed so that you can always refer to the same for additional proof. And keep in mind that in certain cases, if such incidents had resulted in a lawsuit being filed, you would need the video recording of the incidents as they had occurred to protect your interests. 
  • Workplace safety: You may be surprised if one of your employees files a lawsuit against you, claiming that the workplace is unsafe to work in. And that is why you need to have these cameras installed so that they can monitor these workplaces round the clock, and confirm the fact that the workplaces are indeed safe to work in and any accident that may have occurred on the premises, was the employees’ fault.
  • Peace of mind: Having these cameras installed should give you better peace of mind. And what’s more, it should protect you from legal action as well. Just make sure that you select the right cameras to install at your workplaces, from home to office, and that it comes with audio sensors as well as a good image resolution. Moreover, having these cameras on-site can also alert you to incidents of assault or rape by one employee on the other. You can use the video footage to call in the cops, to back up your claims as well as intervene physically. As you can see, having these cameras should not just make you but all your employees feel safe while working on the premises.

This is why you need to get these cameras installed right away.

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