Build Your Survival Shelter With These Bushcraft Tools

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What do you need most for an outdoor adventure? The survival tools and skills that will help you tackle the worst conditions. Skills alone might not prove to be to your advantage if you don’t have the right tools. 

The appropriate tools will help you stay ahead and alert, and ultimately survive till you get back to civilization. These tools are important even if you are not stuck but want to enjoy the wilderness. 

What is a survival shelter? Why and when you may need to build an emergency shelter?

A survival shelter is any roof or shade that can protect you from insects, animals, and natural elements. Shelters come in various structures and have a variety of uses, but one thing is for sure: it’s impossible to survive without them. 

Did you know that you can’t survive more than 3 hours without shelter in a harsh environment? Did you know that exposure is one of the major causes of death amongst outdoor enthusiasts? When somebody gets caught in a snowstorm or stranded on an island without shelter, the clock starts ticking to a serious situation that can ultimately cost a life. Exposure causes a condition wherein the body’s temperature becomes too low. This condition is called hypothermia.  

Here are the benefits of having a shelter. It protects you from extreme weather conditions that you may have to face outdoors. 

Survival Tools That Can Help You Build a Strong Shelter

For building a shelter, you will definitely need some of the survival tools. But even if you are not carrying tools to help you with the process, you need to know how to use naturally available resources and bushcraft skills to make yourself a temporary home. 

Enlisted below are some tools that can be life-saving, especially in difficult, stressful situations, and help you build a shelter.

    • Folding Shovel – This tool for digging, lifting and moving bulk materials is lightweight but very essential. Whether you are in snowy surroundings or hot weather, a shovel can come in handy for various purposes. You can use it to dig a depression to seek shelter from the wind and sun, or to find water into the ground.


  • Bushcraft Knife –  A full tang knife is one of the best bushcraft knives when it comes to building a shelter. It is a versatile tool that cuts branches and sticks really well. It can also be used for cutting vines and ropes, which is an essential part of building a shelter. Not just that! Bushcraft knife can also be used for digging, but to some extent.
  • Axe – We know that axes have been used for cutting wood for a long time now. So there is no surprise in the fact that they are a very apt tool in building a shelter. From cutting large logs of wood to cutting timber, an axe can be used as a multipurpose tool. Therefore, you must invest in the one that is lightweight but strong.
  • Tarpaulin – It might not help you cut or dig, but can definitely protect you from wind and rain. A tarpaulin can also be used for building a shelter up in the trees. This can be a useful tool, especially when you are in a forested area. Also, when you need protection for cold, you can simply wrap yourself in the tarp. So, don’t forget to carry a good amount of tarpaulin with you.
  • Paracord – Traditionally, the use of bushcraft skills was limited to natural elements. But today, there have come various tools like axe and bushcraft pocket knife, that are used to accomplish many survival tasks. Another such aid is the paracord.
    You can definitely create a rope with plants and vines in the wild, but why not carry a paracord? It can help build shelters high up in the trees and tie logs together.


Whenever planning an adventure in the wild, make sure you carry these tools. They will help you survive and stay safe in the hills. With these tools, you can execute your bushcraft skills with perfection and enjoy your outdoor adventure to the fullest.

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