Future In The Cloud – 5 Ways By Which Cloud Technology Is Revolutionizing The Business

Remember using hard disks, floppies and pen drives? It symbolizes the era before the revolution of cloud technology. Information gathering and storing was a handful task before the technical revolution. But with the introduction of cloud storage systems, information is now just a click away. Cloud computing saves all the data and information on the virtual servers, which are maintained and controlled by cloud computing technology. As the name cloud computing implies, the information can be accessed in the virtual space or cloud space. One has access to the data and the software on an electronic device as long as that electronic device is connected to the Internet. Cloud technology delivers services like servers, data storage, networking, databases, and software through the Internet.

Cloud service providers

Some of the major providers of cloud computing technology in the twenty-first century are:

  • Google Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • IBM Cloud
  • Aliyun

Types of cloud models

The cloud service types are determined by the cloud model. The cloud models are of the below mentioned types:

    • Public clouds: The services are provided on the servers and storage on the Internet. Public clouds are operated by third-party companies, which are responsible for handling and controlling all the hardware, software, and the general infrastructure. The clients can access services through accounts that can be accessed by all the employees.


  • Private clouds: Private clouds are reserved for specific clientele, maybe one business or an organization. The firm’s data service center may host the cloud computing service. These systems are more secure.
  • Hybrid clouds: It is a combination of both public clouds and private clouds. Hybrid cloud gives flexibility and helps to optimize the user’s infrastructure as well as security.


Although the above-mentioned clouds are the main types of clouds there are some newer versions of clouds, which are listed below:


  • Community Cloud
  • Big Data Cloud
  • Multi-cloud


Ways by which technology is revolutionizing  the modern business

  1. It increases productivity: The cloud storage systems help to store the data and the information required for the business. The cloud-based storage space can scale up instantaneously hence one does not have to worry about running out of the space.

In addition to that, Cloud-based storage and sharing applications automatically sync your documents in all the electronic devices. This makes sure that you have the latest version of your and your employees’ work.  In simple terms, you can access your information anytime and anywhere.

Thus having your latest work and all the data and information available anywhere remotely, helps to keep your data available everywhere remotely increases the productivity and the efficiency of your business as a whole.

  1. It enhances collaboration: Teamwork plays a very crucial role in the success of any business. Employees of any company, institution or business cannot work as a team unless there is a good collaboration between them.

Cloud-based tools like shared calendars help to schedule the meetings easily, multi-party HD video makes it easy to have an online video conference, and the ability to edit shared files.

  1.  It safeguards your company and customer data: Cloud computing technology not only helps you by storing your data and business-related information in the virtual space, but it also keeps your data backed up hence safeguarding your valuable information.
  2. It saves cost: In the past, companies had to purchase, construct, and maintain costly information management systems and infrastructure.

Now cloud technology one decreases the cost by having good Internet connections and IT departments, where employees can interact, collaborate and complete the task.

  1. It helps to capture ideas: Cloud-based tools help to store all the brilliant idea related to the business. One can make notes, clip and save the webpages to go through later, or photos, videos, and other images.

So we can aptly conclude, that cloud technology is revolutionizing the business of this modern era.

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