Future Lifestyle Insolvency

Future Lifestyle Fashions Ltd (FLFL) has announced that claims of the sum of 3,477.28 crore from more than seventeen financial creditors have been accepted in the ongoing Corporate Default Resolution Process (CIRP).

Catalyst Trusteeship Ltd has emerged as the leading financial creditor, with a value of 600.40 crores and a 17.4 percent vote within the Committee of Creditors (CoC), which was created to help the debt-stricken Future Group firm.

Then there’s the State Bank of India and Centbank Financial Services Limited (Debenture Trustee) with an amount of loan of Rs 476.59 crore and 444.76 crore respectively. 444.76 crore, respectively.

State Bank of India has a vote share of 13.86 percent, as well Centbank Financial has a voting share of 12.93 percent of the CoC, FLFL said in a regulatory filing.

Additionally, Centbank Financial Services (Debenture Trustee) also has a loan amount of 38.50 crore.

Furthermore, FLFL has received claims of 803.48 crore from operational creditors. 803.48 crore from operational creditors. These claims remain “under verification” now by the resolution expert.

RP has received claims totaling the sum of Rs 38.66 crore from FLFL’s employees and workers of FLFL which are currently under investigation.

“The claims received are under verification and will be verified once we receive access to the accounting system of the Corporate Debtor (FLFL),” said the RP.

In the past, on May 4 in the case, on May 4 the Mumbai court was a part of the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), had ordered the initiation of CIRP proceedings against FLFL and also accepted an application from the Bank of India. Bank of India.

On the 19th of June 2023 2023, the company’s Interim Resolution Professional (IRP) Ravi Sethia was named RP for the firm by CoC.

It is the third company from the Kishore Biyani-led Future Group which has been brought to CIRP because of its debtors because of not paying its loans.

Its main company Future Retail Ltd and logistics and the infraarm Future Enterprises are already facing insolvency processes.

FLFL was looking at the possibility of monetizing assets to reduce debts, but it didn’t happen. FLFL had signed an One Time Restructuring (OTR) arrangement with lenders too.

It also has its own stores, Central as well as Brand Factory, exclusive brand outlets (EBOs) as well as other outlets that are multi-brand (MBOs) comprising nearly a dozen brands of apparel that include Lee Cooper, Champion, aLL, Indigo Nation, Giovani, John Miller, Scullers, Converse and Urbana within its portfolio.

FLFL was one of 19 group companies that operate in logistics, wholesale, retail, and warehousing, which were to be handed over to Reliance Retail as part of the Rs 24,713-crore deal that was announced in August 2020.

The deal was canceled by billionaire Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Industries Ltd in April. Following that, many Future Group companies had several insolvencies on their payments.

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Reporting by Anushree Fadnavis; Writing by Blassy Boben; Editing by Sharon Singleton

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