Grave Leather Maintenance Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs.

When selecting furniture, getting impressed by leather is natural. This material has a distinct aura that exudes a classy feel in your house. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for the perfect material for your sofa sets or the chairs in your home (or even headboards for that matter) – leather is an ideal upholstery component that wins the race for many elegance-lovers. Leather wins hands down when it comes to its enchanting charm. But we are also talking about the durability of this material (not to mention the ease of maintenance). If you care for it properly and keep it clean, your leather furniture will gleam and shine for years to come.

Don’t make these mistakes when looking after your leather furniture! 

You don’t even notice, but often tiny mistakes yield grave results. (especially, when it comes to caring for an expensive material like leather!) Lounges having this material in your home are prone to a lot of wear and tear because of constant use and traffic. Regular cleaning and proper maintenance ensure its long life and lustre. So, what are those mistakes that should be shunned while taking care of your leather lounges (and other leather furniture too)?  

  • Trying the DIY hacks of lounge cleaning –The DIY storm is taking over everyone. It is alright to try those hacks when it is about recycling something, but don’t just follow any technique you hear about cleaning the leather upholstery. All of them won’t be able to clean your expensive leather fitments properly. And sometimes, the materials you use in these cleaning hacks lead to massive damage. Better, opt to call Absolute Carpet Care. Your leather lounges in Brisbane homes will get the best treatment and look shining like new once again once they work their magic. They use the most suitable leather cleaners apart from the best techniques and equipment, guaranteeing the most beneficial results. You must call them to clean your leather lounge and furniture at least once a month for the best results.
  • No detergents, please –Detergents and soaps are considered the easiest and most common agents to clean your leather upholstery. But remember, this shortcut might have unfortunate results. Even using a mild detergent and soap can leave behind ugly marks and stains on your couch that will be visible even from far.
  • No lingering spills – Spills can be the stain makers on your leather couch. Do you avoid spills, thinking you will clean them later? Then, be ready for a tough cleaning session later. If you want to see your leather lounges attractive for long, do not even avoid mopping the spills, and wipe and clean them instantly.
  • Using excess water to clean the leather lounges – Some of you get carried away in tidying the leather lounges and use a similar cleaning method as you would for other fabrics. Well, leather is different. It does not require vigorous cleaning. (Not scrubbing and washing with buckets of water for sure.) You only need to wipe it with a damp microfiber cloth, and it gets clean instantly. Using too much water will only spoil the material and even result in moisture seeping into the furniture. Result – mold formation and lost gleam of the leather upholstery.
  • Drying in harsh sunlight – If cleaning your leather lounge with lots of water wasn’t enough, you even dry it in extremely scorching sunlight! In such a case, your irresponsible step can steal the perfect shade of your leather material. If you need to dry it, do so when it’s slightly cool but dry outside or use the drying machines (without too much heat) for ease of convenience.

A leather lounge is your comfortable put-your-feet-up buddy, your proud possession, a piece of prominent furniture in your living room (or even boudoir). When it means so much to you, would it be too much to ask for careful handling? A little efficient and tactful effort, and you will never find it looking dirty or worn out. Remember, maintaining anything perfectly is as crucial as buying the best products. They go hand in hand to keep your house beautiful and possessions lustrous, even when they deal with the ravages of time.  

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