How to choose a good painter

You will likely repaint your house several times during your tenure as a homeowner. How do you find a skilled reliable interior painters in auckland?

You can always ask your neighbours and friends to recommend a good one. What if they have a recommendation? You don’t have to pick a random name from the phone book. 

These are some tips to help you pick a great painter.

Plan ahead. Know what colours you’d like to use. You want to get it right the first attempt to save money. When meeting with painters, be clear that you need multiple coats and what type of paint you want. There are two types of paint: high-quality paints and lower-quality paints that will last longer. Make sure you emphasize the importance of proper preparation.

Request estimates from several painting contractors. Ask for a detailed written estimate from each one. An estimate should include details about the job, including labour costs, materials costs, required coats of primer, paint, brand and specific brands.

Check references and previous jobs. Call past clients to find out how they did and how long it took. Also, ask if any issues were working with the painter. To see how they are doing, you might even ask for references for jobs they did five years ago.

Read reviews. Check out their SmartGuy rating and BBB rating before hiring a painter. You can also type their company name, followed by “ripoff” or “scam”, and see what results you get. You may also find information about their company on your state’s Contractors License Reference Site.

Get a detailed contract. Do not assume anything that has been said. The contract must include all information about the painter, such as name, address, phone numbers and cell numbers. It is crucial that the contract clearly outlines what is included and what is excluded from the job. Get a copy of the workers’ compensation and painter’s liability insurance certificates. You should be cautious if he claims he doesn’t have coverage. You could be held responsible if something goes wrong. You could be responsible if someone is hurt or causes damage to the property of a neighbour.

Ask for a guarantee. A good painter will be confident in his work and happy to give a guarantee against any damage or deterioration that may occur a few years later. The warranty doesn’t include labour, so don’t let the painter tell you otherwise.

Last, don’t give him more than 10-20% upfront. This will make it clear that you don’t want his money to be used to pay bills for his previous job rather than to purchase your materials. You should also not pay him over 20% of the total job until you approve it.

It may seem easy to find a great painter, but it is crucial to do your research and avoid making a mistake. The right painter will make a big difference in the quality of your work and your ability to pay for it.

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