Know About The Various Uses Of Infrared Technology For Home Inspections

With the help of thermography or infrared technology, home inspectors can quickly spot more defects with your home than you can do just by using your eyes. And that what makes the work of a home inspector stand out from the rest. It seems like a win-win situation for both the home inspector as well as the client because the client will get a better inspection report and the home inspector can perform the inspection task quicker.

Home inspectors, when using infrared technology, rarely have to perform a manual inspection. Therefore, in this comprehensive guide, we’ll be taking a look at some of the significant uses of infrared technology in the home inspection procedure. 

Multiple Utilisations Of Infrared Technology In-Home Inspection

  • Offer An Energy Efficiency Audit For Your Home

Professional services for a home inspection in Torbay states that by using infrared cameras, home inspectors can know the cooler and warmer areas of any house. The entire home environment can be seen through the camera’s viewfinder. But, instead of seeing red curtains & white walls, the viewfinder will show the temperature spectrum of the interior space. 

For instance, the windows of your home will look red, orange or yellow if there’s sunlight. But, if there’s no presence of sunlight, the windows will show a cooler temperature, such as blue or teal. 

Knowing the source of heat gain or heat loss will help the home inspector to create an energy audit for your home because every color shade will represent a different temperature spectrum. By obtaining an energy audit, you’ll come to know how energy efficient your home is and thereby make the necessary changes or repairs to increase energy efficiency. 

  • Identify Any Source Of Ice Dams

Ice dams are one of the main reasons why roof leaks tend to occur. Due to ice dams, your attic can get damaged over time and if you don’t take necessary precautions beforehand, then the entire top structure of your home will get dilapidated. 

Roofs are quite expensive to repair and thus you need to exercise caution. Moments like these are when you need the assistance of thermal imaging to know whether there’s any presence of ice dams on the roof. Ice dams cause differences in temperature between your home interiors and exteriors and the same can be detected using the thermal camera.

  • Detect Signs Of Poor Insulation

Poor insulation is the reason why your monthly energy bills turn out to be higher than what you actually consume because heat is lost easily during winters and heat is gained quickly during the summer season. 

Proper insulation is required to ensure a power-efficient home. Using a thermal imaging camera, areas of poor insulation can be detected, which will make your repairing process easier. 

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