Magical Walls Pave Way For A Happy Home!

Magical walls pave way for a happy home!


Walls comprise of an essential part in any home! It is also one of the chunkiest, voluminous and integral parts of your home. Naturally, the more unique and catchier look you give to your walls, the more jazzed up look it would bring to your home. Imagine staying in a house without a wall or a wall that’s half built? Wouldn’t the house seem incomplete? This is what your four walls give your home, a feeling of completion and safety. Obviously, when the walls form such a vital part in any home, its look affects the aesthetics of the entire place a lot too! 

That is the reason why when you are thinking of creating a beautiful looking home, you have to emphasise more on your wall décor. The walls, if decorated gracefully, automatically give a charming look to your house. While what we mostly think is — just a coat of paint can bring life to any wall and hence reform the whole home interior; but actually, a lot of thinking and planning and much more go into this simple coat of paint and other wall décor ideas.

Unique ways to give your walls a beautiful captivating look!

 Creating magical walls is an essential part of creating happy homes. Let’s read about some amazing ways in which you can give your walls a new, charming and attractive look! 

Wise choice of colours — Interior décor has transcended from being just a paint and go job to something more inclusive and thoughtful. A lot of thought and planning goes into even choosing the right colours for your walls. We all now know that each colour plays a role in creating an ambiance and mood. So, a little bit of wise thinking and creativity is needed here too.  For example – reds and oranges give a warm vibe, greens and blues soothe the soul, purple exudes regalia and also romance — so on and so forth. When you are thinking of painting your walls, you may also go for some latest colours on the trend chart.

You can get a complete list of them when you search on the internet. Soft pastels ruling the charts since last few years, while beige hasn’t been out of fashion since a decade. Pink is an attitude, and never loses its charm; and soft hues of blue and purple are latest in the home décor charts. For best painting companies in Auckland check Absolute Plasterboard Services. They have a team of experienced professional painters who can help you choose the best colour and design for your walls, and can execute the project for you in a truly exceptional way.

Wallpapers — A budget friendly and time saving idea — but effective nonetheless – is going for a wallpaper! The best part is that they come in a plethora of design and colour choices – from screaming for attention bold to blend in the background understated – you can go any way you want with wallpapers. From elegant paisleys to floral, from cartoons to scenery, you shall be spoilt for choice. They are also available in a wide range of budget. What is even more interesting is the fact that installing them is just a matter of hours – and you can keep changing them easily just as and when you want to give your home a new look.
Mural wall art — Mural is a growing craze in the interior décor world, as more and more people desire some exotic pieces of art portrayed on their walls. This enhances the charm of the home is a unique way and creates a distinct ambience in the home. You can get personal moments painted on your walls too, and give your walls a more personalised look. If you want to create a more realistic affect, you can even go for 3D art. They’ll bring life to your walls. Imagine a sea beach painted on a wall in your living room – you shall feel like you are on vacation every time you walk in to your home, even after a long day at work. 
Wall stickers — The most instant, basic and economical way of creating magical walls is going wild with stickers. Wall stickers have become an integral part of home décor ideas in a very short time. The variants of stickers and their magic in transforming homes are commendable. These can be picked up different themes like there are inspirational quotes, garden stickers, cartoon characters, historical stickers — you name it and you can have it. You can also get your own pictures animated and turned into wall stickers of any size and stick it up on your walls. This won’t harm your paints and provides a realistic and attractive look on your wall. 

If you want to create magic on your walls and have the charisma reflected on your home too, checkout the above ideas and put them into practice as soon as possible! 

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