Creative Ways to Incorporate Turkish Patterned Rugs in Your Home Interiors!

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Home décor trends are forever evolving. But there are certain ageless classics that never go out of fashion. Turkish rugs are one of the prominent members of the aforesaid category. No matter how many trends get invented each year, the enduring and timeless charm of Turkish patterned rugs has always won hearts, and shall keep doing so for years to come! The alluring patterns that gracefully graduate from stunning diamonds to other beautiful variations in geometrical shapes, playing with all sorts of significantly bright colours —help to create an aura of Middle Eastern royalty right in the middle of our homes, taking us back to Arabian Knights days – an era of opulence and luxury!

Intrigued, yet a little sceptical? The good news is that this exotic beauty isn’t any novelty! If you set your heart on one, you can procure one, creating a majestic flair in your home. The diversities of colours, variations, shapes, fabrics, and textures which are woven in the turkish rugs in UK by Imperial Rugs have something to offer for every taste and preference (and for most pockets too!).

Creating striking interiors by suitably tying in the Turkish rugs with your design theme!

Before you go out looking for a set of wonderful Turkish rugs for your interiors, it is important to establish a proper and suitable theme to create that sense of aura you desire. Without that, you are unfortunately going to make a purchase that may look bewitching in itself, but would seem out of place in your home. Here are some tips to incorporate the regal rug in your interiors and create a master stroke in your home decor!

  • As a centre of attraction — You may have felt a sense of completeness the moment you look at those delightful Turkish rugs. They are in themselves a complete beauty. This is the idea that you can use creatively in your home decor. Use it as a focal point in any room and let it flaunt its flamboyant charisma. You may frame it and hang in your foyer for a welcoming warmth as anyone enters, or create cosy seating in your den with a Turkish rug and some throw pillows – the same idea can be used to create a reading nook too if you love books.
  • Bright energetic ambience —When you desire a room full of energy or want a section of your house to look bright and gay, let a Turkish rug take centre! For instance, add a touch of grandeur and opulence to your bedroom or even nursery by adding a large Turkish rug. We are sure you would like to walk on a plush carpet every morning when you step out of bed. Keep other décor elements neutral so that all attention gets riveted on the rug.
  • As a hanging art— Your home shall look no less than an art gallery if you use these elegant rugs as wall art. The complex yet candid designs speak a story of royalty and sensuality that can mesmerise and become a conversation starter at the same time!

There is no denying that Turkish patterned rugs can be a dramatic and beautiful addition to your home! As long as you know how to utilise its charismatic beauty in the most exciting way, and play your decor around it – you shall have created an ambiance to enthrall!

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