Should You Get A Wind Mitigation Inspection?

Are you a homeowner whose home is older than 2001? Do you want lower home insurance premiums, and more assurance that your home will be safe from Florida’s storms? Start with a wind mitigation inspection to get both.

Homeowners can save hundreds on their home insurance premiums by spending $75 per hour and get tips for how to make their homes more resilient to hurricanes.

This helpful (and possibly premium-reducing!) tool is here. inspection:

  • A licensed and certified wind mitigation inspector will inspect your home from all angles. Access to your crawl space or attic will be required by the inspector. They will need to know when your home was built, and any construction modifications.
  • To determine the type and structure of your roof , the inspector will likely begin by going to your roof . An inspection will examine the roof deck attachment. This will allow the inspector to determine the nail pattern used for attaching your roof. The inspector will also examine the method your walls are attached. Some materials and nail patterns are more resilient than others in high winds. The type and location of the materials you use on your home will affect the amount of discount you can receive from your insurance premium.
  • Your inspector will next determine if a “Secondary water resistance” material was used in between your roof deck and your covering material. This material can help to protect your interior and reduce your premium if your roof is damaged in any way.
  • This is the final inspection. It includes windows and doors. These include garage doors, skylights, and glass block. You may get further discounts if you have hurricane shutters, pre-cut plywood that is compliant with code requirements for thickness and quality.

Your inspector will take pictures and complete a standard form that can be found at our office. This form can also include a list of inspectors that we endorse. The inspection lasts for five years.

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