The smart choice – should you diy move or take help of a professional

Do it yourself moving and professionals helping you move is two very different things. It is not something for the faint-hearted. DIY moving includes packing all your glassware and fragile stuffs by yourself, lifting heavy furniture, hiring a truck and asking your friends to help. It can be a no-brainer if you do some things listed below normally. The smart choice, if you and your partner are healthy adults, is to do it yourself. Professionals take up our valuable time and always exceeds the budget. It might not be convenient for us to see strangers pile up your stuffs which we hold with so much emotional value. So here are some points to help you decide on how to move.

DIY Vs Professionals


If you are doing it yourself, you know what are the things which need special attention and what are of importance. Professionals may not understand and will stuff all together making it difficult for us when we unpack.

If you are planning to DIY, start packing at least two weeks before you plan on moving out. If it is a huge place or you stayed there for a long time, it is better you take your time to do it in a proper manner.


When clearing and getting rid of stuff from your old home, professionals will need your assistance. They have no idea on what’s to get rid of and what not. This is very time consuming and tiring. But when you do it yourself, it is more easier and less time consuming as you know exactly what to throw. Thus, DIY can be chosen over professionals.


It will cost you much less when you DIY move because you don’t have to pay couple of people for loading and unloading stuff into a truck, packing and clearing your house. In DIY you are going to rent a truck on your own which you use to transport stuffs to the new place. It is very pocket-friendly to do so. Professionals, even if they do everything with utmost care and attention to details, you may end up spending way too much in your moving when you are already drained out setting up your new place.

Getting help

The most difficult task in moving out yourself is asking your friends to help. Especially if you have kids at home, you need someone to take care of them while you clear out. Everyone hesitate to ask their friends but they will help anyway. Throw them a housewarming party later specially for them and keep all of them happy. You can skip this part when you hire professionals as they do not hold any emotional value to you and your family.

Fragile materials

If you DIY, you can save a lot of glassware as you know exactly where you kept them and how to take care of those boxes. If you hire, most professionals deliver quality service when it comes to glassware and other utensils and cookware. They guarantee proper delivery of these type of items as they will also have equipments to cover and pack.


One thing about professional services are, they are insured. Whatever you send through them will have insurance coverage so that in the case of breaking of fragile stuffs you can claim your insurance to get at least fifty percent of the transport money back with the help of trusted company services.

Do not hesitate to ask for help from your other family members and close friends. Because this moving may lead to some serious muscle pains as it needs a lot of hard work. This may take a while to heal. Eat healthy food and drink right amount of water when you do heavy works like these for a faster recovery and better health.

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