The importance of waterproofing commercial buildings

Do you know what is the architect’s greatest enemy? You are right if you have guessed moisture. It is one of the main causes behind the formation of black mould crawling into corners and staining surfaces. It often sips between bricks carrying pathogens and toxic agents into your room space. That is why moisture control has become a core part of building maintenance. Waterproofing is just like a raincoat, helping you keep your building nice and dry. There are several benefits attached to it, but in this article, we will cover the major ones.

Types of water damage

There are mainly three types of water damage which are as follows:

  • Category one water damage: It is caused by clean and clear water that can cause disruption and even break down your water supply lines, which can further cause damp and mould formation.
  • Category two water damage: It is mainly caused by toxic fluids that can sip into your interior walls staining and damaging them
  • Category three water damage: It is also caused by toxic chemicals that bring harmful pathogens inside your interior walls from sanitary leaks. These types of water damages are serious health hazards and should be treated as soon as you detect them for the first time.

Industry recommends Bituminous and liquid membrane waterproofing to prevent all the 3 categories of water damage from affecting your roofs and foundations. The main motive behind waterproofing your commercial building is not only to prevent moisture sip into the interiors but also to keep rust and rot at bay. 

Waterproofing helps Your Building to fight the Weather

Snow and rain can sometimes act stronger than inferior quality waterproofing. You’ll need a special kind of membrane known as polyurethane membrane for defending your roofs against winters. This kind of membrane forms a seamless membrane without the requirement of any joints or leak risk areas. Moreover, it can cover up cracks that are of length up to two millimetres. As snow carries a lot of weight, two days of full snowfall can weaken your building’s framework. But, polyurethane membrane acts as the armour and thus it is one of the most popular waterproofing methods in Auckland. You can even use this membrane in waterproofing your gutters or window wells

Increase your Property Value

When it comes to ‘return on investment’ or simply ROI, waterproofing your commercial buildings will always give you an added advantage. They boost your property value and at the same time helps you maintain your build’s good looks. Did you know that just waterproofing your basement can bring you more than 30 per cent ROI? So, by now it must be clear to you that just waterproofing your commercial building is more of an investment than an expense that will surely give you some good returns in future.

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