Yoga enthusiasts master the cat pose at kitten yoga session

Wearing gym attire and equipped with foam mats, a bunch of yoga enthusiasts gathered in a studio situated in the southern Indian capital to enjoy the hour-long practice of yoga, with the addition of a furry twist.

Kittens were seen wandering around the sunlit yoga as the session began. Some were lying on their mats while gentle music played, and others gazed enviously at the crowd when they switched between yoga postures.

A yoga session with pets is a trend all over the globe, with classes with dogs and goats usually attracting crowds of people looking to relieve stress.

“We call this distracted yoga,” says Mona, who runs the sessions in the name of the organization, The Paw Hour, and adds, “people sometimes take breaks at work to go to our classes, then return to work. The students leave the classes with a huge smile”.

Yoga is a self-paced exercise that includes basic stretching exercises to create a relaxing atmosphere to let participants relax. Kittens move in as well as out lines of people, occasionally sleeping on the participants and causing laughter in the audience.

“People walk in stressed and walk out rejuvenated,” says co-organizer Noor. She did not wish to make use of her full name.

[1/5 [1/5 Participants do yoga while kittens play at an exercise session that was organized by Pawhour in the Studio in New Delhi, India, on the 6th of August 2023. REUTERS/Anushree… Read more


Chandreyee Sarkar, one of the participants, said that it was the kittens who attracted her to sign up to attend the event.

“There are many dog yoga classes. This is the first time that I’m experiencing one that has cats. As a cat person. I just had to go to.”

Paw Hour Paw Hour has teamed up with individuals who are cat rescuers to aid in the search for homes for cats and also to raise awareness of the benefits of adopting a pet. The organizers say they’re overwhelmed with questions and requests about adoption at nearly every class.

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“This is a class full of smiles that usually ends with happy stories of kittens getting adopted,” says yoga instructor Surbhi.

The kitten yoga classes that have been held at Delhi this year have been a huge success, according to Mona, who, like many others, only would like to be identified by only one name.

The team would like to stage the same type of event in Bengaluru as well as other Indian cities.

Reporting by Anushree Fadnavis; Writing by Blassy Boben; Editing by Sharon Singleton

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