Your toddler can excel academically

All of us want our children to excel in school. The success of a child as a student is dependent on how well he/she does at preschool. It helps to build the foundation for their future. A parent can support their child in preschool success by many means. These include reading with them, helping them to do their homework, assessing their comprehension, and sharing feedback. These are just some of the many techniques parents can use to help their toddlers study.

Get started early

  1. Get a jump-start on best preschool in Auckland: Enroll your toddler in a quality preschool program. Parents often skip playgroups and nursery programs and instead enroll their children directly in kindergarten. Playgroups and nursery programs help toddlers be more prepared for kindergarten. This helps them perform better when they go to school.
  2. Let them help around the house – You might be amazed at the things your toddlers can do once they set their minds to it. You can ask them to help with simple tasks such as folding laundry, cleaning up after meals and tidying up a room. This will help them become more independent and prepare them for school.
  3. Play Educational Games – You can find many educational games online or in your tablet’s/phone’s play store. These games are great for spending quality time with your children and stimulating their brains in a fun way.
  4. Read them Books – Little ones will love reading stories. The bedtime story is a great way to encourage toddlers to read. It also helps with building and boosts their creativity.

Clarify your expectations

It is a good idea for your child to know what you expect from them at school. This helps to set the tone for behavior at school, and allows your child to express their opinions about how they want to be treated in class. It is important to remember that expectations should not be about grades but rather how your child behaves at school.

Ask questions

It is important to keep in touch with your toddler’s teacher. Most schools have parent-teacher meetings. It’s a good idea to ask your child’s teacher for feedback. If you are unsure about a concept, ask the teacher. Do not be afraid to ask questions.

Appreciate Hard Work

Your children should know how happy and proud you are when they do their best. Not only their achievements, but their hard work should be celebrated. This will motivate them to do their best at all things, but it can also help them realize that everyone makes mistakes. It is what they do about them.

Celebrate Success

If your child completes a school task on time, praise him/her. Recognize their efforts and celebrate their successes. This motivates them to strive for excellence in their lives. Children who are able to celebrate success encourage them to work hard in the future.

Supporting vs Rescuing

It is crucial to understand the difference between helping and saving your child. When faced with a challenge, most parents try to rescue their children. The truth is that a student’s ability to cope with difficult situations and challenges will improve the more they are allowed to struggle. Let them do it their way, without being too intrusive. Allow them to complete their homework, assignments and projects in their own time. Sometimes, your child just needs encouragement and moral support from you when they put in extra effort.

Support academic goals

Let your teacher know if you’re working towards a goal at school. It is as simple as writing the goal down in the notebook or homework assignment of your toddler. It is important that you understand that school and home support always go hand in hand.

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