Awesome Camera Care Tips For Both Experts And Beginners

Camera Care Tips

Most of us want to be great photographers, while some of you are truly great at it, how many of you maintain your camera? Or know how to take care of your camera?

With proper maintenance, you can conveniently extend the life of your camera by a few more years. 

We have mentioned a few simple tips, most of which you can follow at home for the healthy life of your camera. In case you are not confident, take your camera to the nearest camera repair shop in London and get yearly maintenance done.

Expert Camera Care Tips For

1. Use a Camera Bag

Companies design camera bags keeping in mind the protection guideless, but many a time, you will see people carrying it in anything that they can grab on. 

These devices are prone to scratches, and they are not smartphones which are meant to be carried loose. Yes, they look stylish but using a camera bag is the primary safety measure that you can take. Most of these bags are waterproof, and you can also get a design and color of your choice.

2. Pay Extra Care to the Screen and Lens

Special equipment is available for cleaning LCD screen and lens of cameras. Don’t use cheap cleaning products, or you may end up destroying the anti-glare coating of the lens.

In case you do not have the desired solutions, and microfiber cleaning cloths, take your camera to the nearest camera store or purchase a cleaning kit, and master the techniques.

3. Open the Battery when not in Use

Unlike the old camera batteries which leaked acid, the newer ones now come with lithium or alkaline formats. However, in case you keep the batteries inside your camera and leave it in a moist area, the batteries will have a chance of getting corroded. 

So, if you have no plans of using the camera for a few months, bring out the batteries and store them separately. The minute corrosions on camera batteries can now be rubbing it with a pencil eraser.

Maintenance of current day batteries are much easier than they used to be, but still leaving empty batteries inside the camera is not a good practice.  

4. Don’t Clean with Canned Air

Some camera stores provide a canned air container for cleaning the dust from your camera. Leave it, untouched! These cans contain anything except air – some even contain chemicals which are also harmful to your camera. They tend to form a scratch on the sensitive sensor of the camera, eventually causing long-term damage.

For cleaning dirt from the lens and other parts f the camera, simply use a brush or a hand blower. You can also use squeeze bulbs for blowing out dust from the mini cracks of camera. 

5. Switch Off your Camera

You may be very keen on following the maintenance tips, and enjoy longer clicking pictures, never do any dusting while it is still on. Even while changing memory cards or while attaching cables and disconnecting them, make sure that your camera is switched off.

In the on mode, the camera is actively writing to the memory card. So, if you remove the card in that condition, you increase the chances of ruining it. Similarly, if you try to change the lenses of the camera while it’s still on, its chances of attracting dust increase significantly.

Furthermore, the habit of keeping your camera on will make you end up spending on the batteries more.

6. Cold and Humid Weather is Dangerous

Cameras are technological wonders, but they are also utterly delicate with lenses and buttons, circuit boards, etc. However, they are still pretty hardy, and you can use them in the dire weather conditions also.

You will obviously feel tempted to shoot your kids while they build their snowman or play with it. So, just take a little precaution of warping your camera in a silica desiccant plastic bag – these packets protect the camera from moisture. And carry a small clean towel which you can use to clean it in case of need arises.   

And is you are a pro; you must have heard of camera sleeve, which is worth investing.

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