Commercial Radon Testing & Mitigation – What Owners Should Know

We are most commonly thought of as residential radon removal. We also perform radon mitigation in other areas, such as commercial. We also specialize in commercial radon mitigation and testing.

While working on a commercial job recently, we were struck by the differences in the process of commercial and residential Radon Testing in Nashville TN. The basic components are the same but commercial mitigation requires different planning and work. Commercial buildings are subject to many unique factors. These factors are important. Below are our findings.


There are many resources available on residential mitigation, and the public is becoming more aware of it. Unfortunately, commercial mitigation information is still very much behind the times. This is something we have to deal with often. Why is this important? Many commercial buildings house the same people for at most 8 hours per day, 5 days per week. This is a substantial amount of time that you can be exposed to radon. It is a terrible thought to think about how it would feel to be able to take the necessary precautions to remove radon from your home and then to find yourself in a place that exposes you to unsafe levels of radon every 8 hours. We want to raise awareness and promote the discussion about radon in commercial buildings. It doesn’t matter where it is located, but it does matter in the home.

The EPA does not have a specific action level for radon indoors. The EPA has not stated a target level for radon in commercial buildings.


Residential and commercial HVAC units are very different. This means that one cannot be competent in the other. The commercial systems are more powerful and can be found in places that are not typical for homes. They also affect more people than the basic home system. Although the systems can vary from one building to another, they have an impact on pressure differentials which affect radon levels. These systems must be considered when designing buildings, which requires different knowledge from residential.

Some helpful info regarding HVAC:

Floor Plans and Building Variables with Unique Structural Features.

Commercial buildings have different floor plans and structural features than residential. This presents a unique challenge when it comes to identifying radon entry points.

Proper identification requires a solid understanding of floorplans and building construction.

Stack Effect Increased

The tendency for buildings to have more indoor airflow is to increase “stack effect”, which means that they are less resistant to these systems. Air infiltration will occur because buildings aren’t always sealed completely. Because indoor and outdoor air have different densities there will be air infiltration.

When planning these systems, it is important to consider the increased “Stack effect”.

Different needs

Residential mitigation can be as simple as a few hours. We will install the system in a homeowner’s home. The process for businesses can be more complicated and often requires the business to close for several days. You may need to service it in the evening. You may have noise restrictions. Schools need to be extra cautious around work sites. Commercial jobs require flexibility and an understanding of business requirements.

Get involved

Most building owners take a lot of precautions to ensure safety and peace of mind for their clients. These safety precautions include radon testing and mitigation as necessary. To ensure the safety of tenants and building owners in the KC metro, we work with them. This is what we have always done.


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