Everything You Require To Learn About Garage Door Opener Horsepower Capabilities

Updating your garage not only means that you’ll be improving your overall convenience and comfort but also enhancing the overall value of your home. Since choosing a garage door is a significant investment you have to make, you need to choose the components wisely. 

Even though it might be inducing to upgrade your garage door for incorporating a garage door opener that features the latest technology or is highly cost-effective, there are several more factors to consider before finally deciding on the end product. Most homeowners out there generally use their garage doors as their main entrance to their home – which means that the garage door will be cycling about 1,500 times per year. This is the reason why the functionality, reliability and convenience of your garage door in Sunshine Coast will depend on your garage door opener’s capacity. 

Main Factors To Acknowledge When Buying A New Garage Door Opener

  • Size & Weight Of The Garage Door – Before you start choosing your garage door opener, it’s paramount to know whether your garage door is a single or double door model. Moreover, you need to know the construction material of the garage door.  
  • Lifespan Of The Opener – Even though you might think of purchasing a less expensive opener but it should be remembered that if the opener has a limited operating lifespan, after then it will need to be replaced shortly thereafter. Therefore, it’s much better to invest in a quality garage door opener. 

Various Horsepower Variants Of The Garage Door Opener

When it comes to choosing garage door openers, you can find multiple variants of motors with different horsepower quantities. The following are some of the popular ones that you can find in the current market:

  • ⅓ HP – If you have a lightweight steel garage door, then this horsepower rated garage door opener would be the best option for your use case scenario. Moreover, the garage door should have a single door only. Nonetheless, it should be noted that this type of motor would require frequent replacing.
  • ½ HP – This is one of the most popular garage door opener models that you can find in the current market. This type of motor can handle both single doors as well as double-sided garage doors. The garage doors should have a width between eight and twelve feet. You can use this type of motor for multiple door materials such as steel, aluminium and even composites.
  • ¾ HP – In case your garage door is large and heavy (made from materials such as wood), then opting for this type of garage door opener would be ideal as it’s the best option for ensuring long-term functionality. 

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