Guide to Urgent Packing and Moving House!

Home shifting is something that needs a lot of work and preplanning, and days of sorting things out. There are many rooms in a house, and packing each of them needs enough time and management. But what if you have to shift home on an urgent basis? If your landlord asked to vacate your house in a day, or you get transferred to a new location for work, or due to some issue in the place (mould or damp etc.) you may be vacating it on an urgent basis. This is what may give you a tough time unless you handle it all with a level head! 

House shifting can be challenging and a very tiresome task. If you are all alone to handle the situation, ask for help! If you have kids or senior citizens at home, better manage a friend’s or relative’s house for them during the transition period! Take a deep breath, calm down, and relax! Give yourself the mental notice that you can do it. Don’t panic looking at the task around! You can do it, and that too exceptionally well! 

No Nonsense Guide to Vacate and Move Your Home on an Urgent Basis! 

Now check-out the task! Look around and see if you can manage it all by yourself. If not, or better still for added efficiency, just call the best one from the number of Removal Companies in Brisbane. Happy Removals are a team of experienced and thoroughly professional enthusiasts who know how to care and move your furniture and accessories safely to a new place. For more of the tips at the time of removal, read on!

  • Plan it — Though you hardly have any time left, but still sit down for fifteen minutes and plan the whole shifting schedule. Give numbers to the rooms as to which you would be vacating first and so on. Also, if possible, allot a period of time for each room or area so that you know you aren’t going slow.
  • Get the Cartons and Bags — For the packing work, you’ll obviously need the cartons and boxes and even strong bags to fill up the clothes and other accessories. If you know someone who can send it across at home, order it or take a trip to the nearest supplies store to bring the same. Don’t forget to bring duct tape, bubble wrap and a marker pen too.
  • Pack the Smaller Items First — You just can’t empty the cupboards when you have clothes inside. The same goes with other utility furniture at home too. So, start with packing your minor things first — like the clothes from the cupboard, the books from the library, shoes from the drawers, etc.
  • Keep all the Packed Cartons in the Centre of the Largest Room — For a systematic packing, filL up the cartons tidily and place them at the centre of the longest room. This way, they don’t hinder your moving about in haste (you may fall and hurt yourself because of so many objects on the floor!).
  • Pack it Neat and Organised — Never just push the items in the cartons and bags. This you think may be saving your time now, but actually wastes it. You will have to organise the same things in your new home and arrange it back neatly again, and that’ll need more time. Also, disorganised stuff would lead to insufficient storage units (neatly folded stuff takes lesser space!) and you’ll have to waste your time bringing more cartons.
  • Tapes and Tags —Don’t forget to seal the boxes well with the help of tapes. Also name and number the boxes and write the name of the room that it belongs to or the person whose luggage is inside.
  • Go room by Room — Always go chronologically to each room and then pack it all. If you do half the work in the living room and then jump to kitchen and then to the nursery, you are creating havoc for yourself. Go smoothly and finish packing a room completely before moving to another.
  • Electronics and Fragile Items — Always pack the electronics and fragile items carefully in a double and triple layered packing. Here is where your bubble tape works well.
  • Furniture Moving and Shifting— Moving of the furniture and heavy items is what demands professional help. Make sure to hire someone to help you.
  • Dispose the Excess Items — All the waste or surplus items are best disposed off. Make sure to leave them all in a particular place and don’t let these get mixed with the household essentials.

When the whole packing is done, see to it that it is loaded in the transport carefully; and if possible, lock the house and mount the transport to dispatch it. Happy moving!

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