How Does Home Inspection Report Work for the Buyers?

Being an expert home inspector, you have to take the responsibility of decoding your report to the buyers. The process of report decoding can be traumatic for buyers. They may come across faults that are hidden and frightening. 

The details can be disturbing for buyers who are not prepared. The home inspector has to decode the report and make things simple for buyers. You can search for the best home inspection in Orlando team for decoding the report.

The general home inspection report will always be in detailed format. Issues will be well explained in simple terms.

Help them understand what is included or not

Buyers have the right to understand everything that has been included in the report. The explanation has to be made as per each item and details. The explanation part has to be done only by an expert certified professional.

The details like accesses, condition, deterioration, and identifies are important to be explained to the buyer. Apart from this, if there are issues then recommendations are also important.

Explain what buyer can do or not

If issues persist then they have to be resolved. But not all types of issues can be resolved. This is where the expert team comes into existence. The home inspector has to provide the buyer with possible solutions and recommendations.

In few cases, they may also have to guide them towards the best home contractor services. If the defects are expensive and not repairable type, then it has to be mentioned clearly in the report. 

The areas where buyers can negotiate with sellers should also be highlighted by the home inspection team.

Interpretation process

In general, interpretation of the report is a must. Buyers may not be comfortable with the technical terms used in the report by the home inspection team. Experts will have to provide with detailed explanation. They should be provided with details like dates, age, type of repairs, demolitions, and definition of the terms used in the report.

If the home inspector is an expert he will be able to provide complete details in advance. If there are conclusions made then they have to be clear in language.

Advisng process

Buyers are never aware of the technical issues. They have to be advised. If the problem exists, then the home inspection team will have to do the advising part. Common warning signs have to be mentioned to the buyers.

Any type of damage that is the potential risk should be bought to the buyer’s knowledge. If the home inspector fails to bring it to the buyer’s knowledge, then he also fails the trust of the buyer.

In case further testing is required, then the buyers have to be informed in advance. There may be many other issues with the property. 

The home inspection team may not be certified to inspect each area around the property. They have to inform this to the buyers.

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