How to Change Your VPN Location

Is My IP Address Changed By a VPN?
VPNs replace your IP address with the one of a VPN server. VPNs make it appear that you are connected to the internet from another location. If someone were to spy on your activities, they would only see the IP address of the VPN server to which you are connected.

Why Would I Change My Address?
You might change your IP address to protect your online privacy. You can protect yourself from hackers and avoid website trackers by changing your IP address.

An IP lookup online allows anyone to determine the location of specific IP addresses. Anyone with access to your IP address can learn a lot about you. There are many ways you can take advantage of an IP address changer.

Comparison of prices when shopping: Different prices are offered by different sites to customers from different countries. You can change your virtual location to search for the best price by learning how to do it.
Hide your identity from trackers: Your location is an important part in tracking your identity online if you are connecting from home. You can hide your location to avoid annoying online services trying to track you.
Practice freedom of speech: Hide your IP address to protect your privacy online. This is especially important for journalists who work on sensitive topics, or anyone concerned about their location being discovered online.

Six ways to change your IP Address and Location

1. How to use VPN to change your virtual location
You can also use virtual private networks to conceal your physical location. This will change your IP address. These are the steps to change your IP address.

To change your IP address, get a reliable VPN subscription.
Install the VPN app on your device.
To log in, open the application.
To connect to the remote server of your choice in seconds, click the “Quick Connect” button.
Once you are connected, your virtual address and IP addresses will be changed!
To change your VPN server to the USA, simply tap the country pin.

It can be installed on your router, or you can download our proxy extension for Chrome and Firefox.

What does a VPN do to change your IP address or location?

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) change your location by routing your traffic through another server. This is how it works:

You can choose a server from any country where your VPN service is available. If you choose a Texas server, websites will only be able see the IP address of the Texas server.

Your app will create an encrypted tunnel to protect all traffic from your device when you connect to the selected server. The VPN tunnel will take you to the server that will decrypt and forward your traffic to its destination. Your IP address (internet protocol), which is what identifies you and your location, will now be the IP address of the server. It will be hidden from all the world.
This is it! Anyone who uses your IP address to find your location will see your location as the server’s location. You can use the app to change your VPN server location whenever you like and obtain new IP addresses.

2. Use a proxy
It works in the same way as a VPN. Proxy acts as a middleman, connecting to the website on your behalf and sending it the proxy address. A proxy, unlike a VPN does not encrypt your connection. A proxy must change or modify your IP address by definition. That’s all. VPN services usually offer more features.

3. Use Tor
It sends your messages through many nodes all over the globe. Every node knows only the previous node and the next one, making it difficult to trace back the original connection. The Tor network typically sends you through three or more nodes, which can have a negative impact on your internet speed.

4. Unplug your modem
Your ISP assigns an IP address to your network when you connect to the internet. If your router or modem is not connected to the internet, disconnect it completely and wait for a while before reconnecting. There is no guarantee that you will get the same IP address again.

5. Change networks
You’ll be able to appear online with a new address if you change your network. This is because your public IP address is associated with that network. This is not an ideal solution as you will still have the exact same location information unless you travel around the globe before connecting to the new network.

6. Ask your ISP for a change in your IP address
Your ISP can give you a new IP address for your network or device. This is not something you would want to do often. They won’t be willing to change your location since the IP address that they give will be tied to your router’s location.

Scroll down for a list of countries or locations.
Simply tap the desired VPN server location once you have found it.
Now you should be connected immediately to a VPN server. It’s as simple as that.
Below is a video about how to change your virtual address.

Which is the best method to move?
There are several other methods to hide your location and change your IP address.

Proxy and Tor can be used as an alternative to a VPN IP changer, but they also come with VPN features. They encrypt your browsing data, which is a difference from most proxy services.

Which is the best IP changer?

Your IP address will be hidden and you can spread that protection across six devices. You can also protect yourself from online tracking with the Threat Protection system. To get the most out of your VPN, you can also use our NordLynx protocol.

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