How to scent your wedding

You spend hours prepping your wedding hair and makeup, setting up your tables and trying on your gown. These are all great memories that will last a lifetime.

While photos will always be a part of the day’s story, have you ever thought about how fragrance can impact the experience? It’s a part of your wedding that can be even more memorable than sound and sight.

You can add Scent to your wedding in many ways, including carefully placed candles and intricately arranged fragrant flowers. You can be creative with Scent and show your creativity. Design In Scent shared their top tips for scenting your big event.

Follow your heart

The wedding scent is a unique way to remember the most important day of your life. It allows you to feel and inhale all emotions and creates a lasting memory. It is important to follow your heart and choose a scent that you are passionate about. It doesn’t matter what kind of wedding you plan; the important thing is that you love the fragrance and feel happy every time you use it. It is important to test the Scent on your skin before the big day. The smell can change once it has been worn for a while.

Use Weave fragrance throughout your wedding.

There are many layers to an engagement. Wedding planning, wedding day, and after the big day all offer the opportunity to include Scent. It would help to decide why you want to use smell – to stimulate emotion, create a link with memory, or delight your guests. Then plan accordingly.

Choose the right product.

The right product is best for the space you are trying to scent. Room sprays and ambiance mists are also good for small spaces like hallways and bathrooms. An intelligent diffuser will discreetly diffuse your wedding scent in large spaces.


You can also scent material items like invitations, fan covers, table linens, tableware, and wedding hats.

Send a fragrance

Amazingly, scents can be emotionally linked to us when we smell them. You can use a different scent for your wedding, and each time you have it, your guests will be able to recall the wonderful time they had on the big day.

Match your fragrance to your setting

Many people think a wedding fragrance must be heavy on flowers. This may be true for some couples, but it is not for everyone. It doesn’t matter how much you like the notes in your wedding perfume. Every couple is unique, as are their wedding and wedding atmospheres. Amber and Clary Sage might work well in an autumn hotel, while jasmine and oakmoss might be more appropriate for a springtime country home surrounded by meadows. Fragrance ingredients have special meanings, just like flowers. You can research the ingredients of your perfume to ensure it matches your vision for your wedding.

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