Plaster Vs. Drywall: Why Plastering is Better

Plastering your home brings in a long term quality to the interiors. It evens up and smoothens the walls making the walls and tiles more durable. You can consult the plastering services in Auckland to get a tasteful appeal to your interiors. 

Plastering has always proven to be a better alternative to drywalls as the plaster walls & decorative details add a character and high-quality finish. Plaster is a simple mix of lime or gypsum, sand, and water, which makes it a cost-effective and easy way of turning your interiors into the aesthetic decor.  

Benefits of Plastering the house

  • Provides a smooth and washable surface
  • Non-absorbent and weatherproof
  • Free from changes when drying and setting
  • Mixes well with water and easy to spread
  • Causes next to no cracks on surfaces
  • Provides durability
  • Makes walls and ceilings visually appealing

Why choose plaster over drywall?

  • Plaster is durable than drywall 

Plaster is no doubt more durable than drywall. Drywalls are panels made of calcium sulphate dihydrate with or without any additive, which makes it less resistant to fire and water. Hence, plaster causes less damage and lasts long.

  • Plaster acts as a better insulator

The thickness of the Plastering in Auckland prevents the heat from passing through the walls. Properly insulated walls keep the heat and cold in check and make the house energy efficient throughout the year.

  • Plaster acts as a better sound blocker

Plastered walls and ceilings prevent sound waves travelling through the house. It bounces all the noises from outside away. So plastering in Auckland houses is even more necessary considering the rapid growth in the population.

  • Plaster is a Self-healer

Plastered walls and ceiling easily heal small hairline cracks with time. The lime plaster goes through “Carbonation” which is a self-curing process, which causes the plaster to re-build the bonds and heal its cracks. However, this does not include structural cracks.

  • Plaster has better resistance against moisture & moulds

Plaster has a non-porous, lime, or clay-based material that does not hold moisture or support any microbial growth. In contrast, drywalls are highly vulnerable to moisture and get easily damaged when exposed to moisture or leakages.

  • Plaster is tougher than drywall

The foam insulation and gypsum in drywall can easily be chewed or destructed by rodents & bees for setting up a nest. Applying plaster to the walls and ceilings makes them stronger and difficult for animals to attack.


With all these advantages of plastering over getting drywall, it is best to get solid Plastering done to create durable, appealing, and long-lasting home interiors or exteriors. You can consult professional services for plastering in Auckland and ensure all the significant aspects and requirements are considered. 

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