Pro Tips To Avoid House Fires

There’s no denying that a fire breaking out inside a house will definitely be a nightmare for any homeowner. Fires can break out easily via cooking mishaps or even electrical shortages – and house fires transpire at times when we least anticipate them to happen. 

However, there’s nothing to fear in this matter as we’ll be sharing some of the best tips & tricks on how you can avoid house fires – as suggested by home inspection in Kansas services. 

What are Three Things you can do to Prevent a Fire from Occurring in your Home?

  • Keep The Batteries Of Your Smoke Detector Changed Frequently

The normal homeowner doesn’t give much thought to smoke alarms until the alarms plan to go off. It should be realised that this device is very important to maintain safety in your home, and even though it’s simple, it doesn’t get the required attention it deserves. It has been proclaimed that three out of every five house fires occur due to non-functional smoke alarms.

This is indeed a pressing concern which is why you’ll need to check on your smoke alarm battery every day or at least regularly. Even when your alarm is not ringing, you should remember that it’s still using battery power. If the batteries are changed regularly, then you’ll have nothing to worry about fire alarms, and it’ll work as intended. 

  • Inspect Your Dryer, Chimney & Heating Elements Almost Regularly

As a rule of thumb, all heating devices should be able to work efficiently and safely. But, without proper maintenance, you can expect the same from them. More often than not, homeowners forget to inspect their heating elements & appliances before they decide to turn them ON, notably in the winter months.

If you don’t conduct regular maintenance schedules, then fires can be triggered when you decide to use that appliance the very next time. Therefore, if you want to minimise the outbreak of house fires, you need to first ensure that you are maintaining your heating elements correctly. 

  • Always Keep Your Stove / Oven Clean

It should come as no surprise that cooking is indeed a very messy activity and you’ll experience spill all over your stove or oven when making your favourite dishes or recipes. The reason why you should always keep your stove or oven clean is that, when you next time plan to cook, you’re not provided with a dirty looking kitchen. Apart from that, keeping your stove or oven clean also reduces the chances of a fire breakout. 

You can proceed to provide a simple mopping every time you use your stove and perform a deep cleaning procedure every week. 

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