Seasonal Tips From A Home Inspector

You can easily navigate your home’s maintenance year-round with professional advice and a seasonal home inspector.

  1. Furnace Flame Sensor

Inspector Alex: “That’s my flame sensor for the furnace at home. Yesterday, my wife complained that the heat was not working. I went to the attic to find out how the burners turned on and then went off. This sensor detects if there is no flame and shuts off the gas. The metal will tarnish over time and start to believe there is no flame. It will point into the flame and can be easily serviced. This inexpensive part can easily be replaced or polished with steel wool. That will save you time and money on hiring an HVAC technician.

  1. Corrugated Stainless-Steel Tubing

From Inspector Luis, CSST gas lines are found in millions of homes. You may have seen them mentioned in news stories about lightning striking and causing explosions. These lines must be grounded. Ground it by connecting a #8 gauge copper wire from the manifold into the panel box ground. Learn more about grounding CSST.

  1. Garage: Return Air Vent

Inspector Brian: Although air conditioning in your garage might seem like a great idea, there are certain rules. Building code states that you must not place return air vents inside your garage (or closet, bathroom or toilet), garage, boiler room, furnace, or unconditioned attic. Garage air contaminants such as gasoline fumes and paint can pose a danger to your health and safety.

Checklist for Seasonal Home Maintenance

You can distribute your home maintenance tasks according the season to help you manage costs better and keep your time under control so that it doesn’t become overwhelming. This handy checklist is designed for home maintenance beginners.


  • Check carbon monoxide detectors and replace batteries
  • Get your HVAC system inspected
  • Check the electric and house lines for obstructions from the foliage
  • Clean the whole house
  • Check water drainage and gutters
  • Restore or clean your patio or deck


  • Check the roof for leaks and other defects
  • Make sure that electronics are not stuffed into any openings or extension cables.
  • Check your crawlspace for damage
  • Vacuum refrigerator coils
  • Inspect for insects
  • Change or clean your HVAC air filter


  • Replace batteries/examine smoke detectors and carbon monoxide levels
  • Scheduling furnace inspections and changing furnace filters
  • Winterize your A/C
  • Drain water from outdoor water taps
  • Insulate any exposed pipes you find necessary
  • Check chimney and fireplace for hazards or damage


  • For removing any debris, inspect and flush the water heater.
  • Clear your driveways and sidewalks of snow and ice
  • For any damage to your crawlspace, make sure you inspect it.
  • Regularly inspect your exterior.
  • Clean furnace filter
  • Examine smoke detectors and carbon monoxide.


It is important to maintain your home’s moving parts. You can make significant savings on your home repairs by performing a few simple tasks. This checklist will help identify the best home maintenance tasks for each season. A professional Home Inspector in Fort Worth TX can help you stay on top of everything and stress-free.

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