What To Include On Your Vehicle Signage: The Dos And Don’ts

Effective advertising is crucial for businesses in today’s fast paced world to stand out and attract potential customers. Vehicle signage are a creative and effective way to advertise.

Vehicle graphics can be a great way to promote your products, services and brand while you are on the go. As with any form of marketing there are some dos and donts to remember. This article will explore the elements you need to include in your vehicle wrap. We’ll also discuss the things that you shouldn’t do, as well as the different types of vehicle graphics and their benefits. Design tips are also included, along with some creative car signage ideas.

What Should Be Included On Vehicle Signage
1. Brand name and logo:
Your business logo and name is the most important element of your vehicle signage. These should be clearly visible and readable.
2. Contact information: Include contact information such as your phone number, web address, and social media handles. Make it easy for customers to contact you.
3. Services or Products: Emphasize your main services or products. Your business’s uniqueness can be communicated in a concise, compelling manner by using persuasive language.
4. Tagline or slogan: A memorable tagline will leave a lasting impact. It should be memorable, and reflect the values of your brand.
5. High-quality imagery: Include eye-catching imagery that represents your products. High-resolution images can have a big impact.

What Not to Include on Your Vehicle
1. Excessive information: Don’t overload your vehicle signs with text. Keep your message short and simple to understand.
2.Tiny fonts: Make sure all text can be read, even at a distance. Avoid small fonts which are hard to read.
3. Controversial content: This could turn off future customers.
4. Outdated information: Update your vehicle signage regularly to reflect the latest offers and contact information.
This is a great example of bad vehicle graphic

What Is Vehicle Graphics?
Vehicle graphics is a visual communication method that involves the application of vinyl decals and wraps on vehicles. These can be simple logos or contact information to full vehicle wraps that transform your vehicle’s appearance.

Branding Your Car In Different Ways
Bumper stickers:
 Bumper stickers are small, durable stickers that can be attached to the bumper of your car, van, or truck to convey a specific message. Here’s an example of a sticker:

Window stickers: Window stickers are special stickers that can be stuck on the outside or inside of a vehicle’s window. Used for car passes, memberships and many other things. This is an example car window sticker.

Vinyl transfers: Vinyl transfers are individual cut-out letters and logos that are applied directly to a vehicle’s surface. Multi-coloured graphics are usually cut from a single color vinyl and then built up. Here is an illustration:

Partial wraps:  Partial wrappings are a great way to cover a large portion of your vehicle with colorful images and designs. Here’s an example:

Full wraps: A full wrap covers the exterior of a car, providing a large canvas on which to create creative and impactful designs. They are the most expensive, but they look amazing. Here’s an example:

Magnetic signage: Magnetic signs can be used for temporary branding as they are removable. Here’s an example of magnetic vehicle signage:

Some of the options listed above may not be ideal for branding your car to increase awareness about your business. The impact of bumper & window stickers and other car stickers is limited because they are small. It is best to stick with the full wrap or larger parts.

Benefits of Vehicle Graphics
1. Mobile advertising:
You can reach a wide audience with your vehicle.
2. Cost-effective: Vehicle graphic advertising is a more cost-effective method of advertising than traditional methods.
3. Local targeting: You may want to drive your car in an area where you think your audience will be more present.
4. Non-intrusive: Branded graphics on vehicles are not intrusive. They do not annoy or interrupt future customers.
Designing Your Vehicle Graphics
Prioritise easy reading:
Select fonts and colours that are easily readable, even at a distance.

Consistent branding: Keep your brand consistent in terms of color, fonts and overall aesthetic.

Keep it simple: Focus on the essentials and keep your design uncluttered.

The Conclusion Of The Article Is:
Vehicle wraps or van graphics, vehicle lettering for your company, clever vehicle graphics, and other forms of branding can be a powerful way to market your business. They will leave a lasting impact on customers.

Vehicle wraps are a versatile and dynamic tool that can be used to promote your brand and attract potential customers. They also help you grow your business. We’ve seen that the devil is in the details. Each element is crucial in conveying the identity of your brand, from strategically including your company logo, your contact details and a concise statement to the subtle art avoiding information overload.

Your vehicle wrap is not just a label; it’s an animated canvas that shares your company’s name and story with a wide audience. This is a chance to create a lasting impression, inspire curiosity and motivate action. Your vehicle can be transformed into a powerful tool for marketing by adhering to readability and consistency.

As we have seen in the past, there are many pitfalls to avoid when creating a vehicle wrap. To ensure that your message is translated correctly, it’s important to avoid cluttered chaos, tiny text, pixelated images, irrelevant imagery and chaotic color palettes.

When you begin your quest to create exceptional company vehicles, consider incorporating the creativity of this medium into your marketing campaigns. Choose vinyl decals for elegance, partial wraps that hint at your brand charisma or full wraps which envelop your car in a compelling narrative. Each choice will contribute to the visual identity of your brand.

In a world of instant impressions and short attention spans, company vehicle wrappings require your full attention. Choose the right call-to action, add your company’s name and carefully curate the design. Then, watch as your brand confidently moves down the street, leaving behind a trail of curious onlookers. Your vehicle is more than just a means of transport; it’s also a powerful testament to the values, products, and aspirations of your brand. Let it be a beautiful representation of your brand.

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