3 Questions to Ask When Selecting Quality Wooden Hanger Manufacturers for Your Business

Wood hangers are a great way to display merchandise in a busy boutique. They are versatile, beautiful and rarely bend from the constant customer use. Other than this, they have a better ecological footprint since a huge percentage of the hanger is biodegradable wood.

If it is your first time venturing into wooden hangers, you might need some helping hand when choosing what you want. Knowing what to look for and the questions to ask will ensure that you get the perfect hangers for your business. Here are the top questions you should consider.

1) What Type of Wood is the Hanger Made of?

Hangers are made from different types of wood. It could be cheap and easy to source softwood like pine and cedar, or expensive types of mahogany and rosewood. While the softwood hanger will still be as functional, it isn’t that much of a fashion statement as the exotic hardwoods.

A quality wooden hanger manufacturer should give you the freedom to choose from a wide range of solid woods and veneers. You can use this freedom to achieve a specific look you’ve been eyeing or keep the cost of your order within your budget.

You don’t have to go for solid or hardwood for all your hangers. You can use engineered wood for lighter or cheaper garments. They don’t weigh so much and the buyers don’t expect them to be displayed exquisitely.

Heavy winter coats, expensive suits, and other classy garments will benefit from solid wood. Solid wood is not only stronger but also has an added flare that could be appealing to the higher paying customers.

2) How Many Hangers Can I get at a Go?

The volume of orders the manufacturer can deliver on short notice is also an important determinant. Let’s assume you are adding a new wing of high-end Italian suits to your store. You need around 500 hangers for the expansion that is due in three days.

You will want to go with a manufacturer that can supply these hangers on short notice to ensure that your new merchandise goes on sale on time.

In cases where this is impossible, you will have to look into the manufacturer’s reliability. Can they honor deadlines on demand? For instance, is it guaranteed that I will get my hangers on a specific date if I order early?

Reliability and delivery guarantees coupled with the quality of the product will always give you peace of mind. Instead of worrying about your hangers, you can focus your energy and skills to marketing your store and giving customers the best experience possible at your store.

3) Can I Customize How My Hangers Look?

The last thing to consider is whether you are free to customize or get your own hanger design. While the stock one arm design hanger works just fine, you might have some cool ideas that will give you bespoke hangers that are not only more practical to you but are also a fashion statement.

If this is the case, you will want a manufacturer who takes in custom design suggestions and turns them into real hangers.

Customizing wooden hangers is a great way to match your store’s interior décor. It is also a great opportunity if you already have some hangers that the manufacturer doesn’t have in stock right now. This will give you the freedom to expand your display area without having to use different looking hangers.

Customization can even venture into putting custom logos or messages on your hangers. This subtle addition will add credibility to your store. Many customer value sellers who go an extra step to get unique merchandise. This appeal could make it easier for you to make sales.

Bonus Tip: Always Look at Past Reviews

Choosing a new hanger provider boils down to what other customers say about the manufacturer. Check online reviews from other buyers or talk to other store owners who use the hangers. You want to gauge the quality of the product and customer support before ordering.

If possible, order a smaller batch of test hangers. This will be a good way to evaluate the quality of the product. You can also use this order to evaluate how well the manufacturer supports its customers in case of a problem.

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