4 common myths about floor sanding and how it works

Long gone are the days when one could not find much information on floor sanding. Suffice to say that the Internet has changed all of that in just a couple of years. Now,  the amount of information that is available is almost too much to take and one really has to sift through the vast pile of data to get to the most relevant stuff. However, there is a dark side to this story with the rise of scam services.

With the rise of Internet usage and data, how exactly is one supposed to tell the truth from the lies? Plus, with lies and facts comes the rise of another aspect that makes things even more confusing – myths. Now they are not true, but they lie in between the blurred lines of lies and truths which makes things even worse for people trying to decide the right thing to do, be it installing Lime Wash Floors or Floor Sanding in Melbourne. Basically, they are lies convincingly packaged to sound like the truth.

Hence, Here are the Top Four Myths About Floor Sanding:-

  • A dustless floor implies a dust-free floor: This is one of the biggest misconceptions that need to be nipped in the bud and dealt with for what it actually is. Not only is this not true, but one has to take both words into account and look at the difference between the two words.With ‘dustless’, it literally means less dust and dust-free means no dust whatsoever. This is exactly what people forget about when they think that the former actually means the latter. Remember that it is very rare for the floor to be completely dust-free.
  • A recoating job every two years is the best answer: Many flooring companies try to bait you with tempting offers such as long term finishes, recoating jobs and maintenance plans. Do not make the mistake of falling for any of these.
    A proper floor finish lasts several years and with the exception of the worst case scenario, there is no need for a contractor to come and do the maintenance at all. Always remember that fact.
  • Floor sanding means nothing more than its namesake: Contrary to what people think, this is actually not true. The whole process is a lot more than simply sanding the floor and applying the finish.
    The other aspects involved are project preparation, filling up all the dents and holes as well as nail setting, plus the replacement of various broken boards are all part of the entire process of sanding.
  • A package that sands your floor for half the price: One must really be careful of such ruses and where they tend to pop up. People tend to fall for this in the start, only to realise that the bill keeps mounting due to ‘additional charges’.
    Certain key questions like “What is the project preparation and the steps you plan to take?” and “How many coats of finish are you applying and what type?” are essential. This will enable you to find out whether the service knows what they are talking about or not.

One must keep in mind the fact that if you happen to talk to five different contractors, it is quite likely that you will hear three to four different opinions on the same topic. However, once go through the above list, you will be able to tell right from wrong more clearly, which is the most important aspect.

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