Handle a Plumbing Emergency During Pandemic With Utmost Care and Wisdom!

A plumbing emergency arrives just out of the blue moon! It doesn’t see the date, time and even the corona danger going around. There can be suddenly a pipe bursting out or a leakage that’s driving you mad or the toilets are choked — and God knows what more! We understand that calling a plumber during this time is imperative and couldn’t be at all delayed. But you are disturbed by the pandemic and social distancing is crucial as well. Of course, the dilemma and stress is real!

Ensure Staying Safe While Calling a Plumber in an Emergency!

A plumbing emergency is the last thing you would want amidst the panic of the pandemic. On one hand you are extremely scared of the disease that spreads through human contact and demands social distancing. And on the other hand it’s the stinking and leaking plumbing issue that couldn’t wait either. A decision to make here is crucial. To make the matters easy for yourself, do read the below guide to deal with plumbing emergencies during the pandemic better.

  • Prevention is Always Better— The wisest thing you could do during the pandemic is to avoid any issue completely. Ensure you aren’t flushing wet wipes, keeping a close eye on the faucets and not handling them roughly. Even your heaters should be managed with extra precautions. You wouldn’t want an unwanted issue in any of these areas which can leave you in a fix later.
  • Tackle Small Issues Temporarily— No matter how many precautions you take, some time fate collapses on you! We understand something similar happened to you and your tap started leaking or went extremely slow. Your drain is clogged, and the water doesn’t budge! In this case, if you think the issue is pretty small and you can fix it, try your luck! You never know if it would work temporarily and you can prevent the problem from getting bigger for a few months until the danger subsides.
  • In Extreme Situations Call an Expert After Thorough Research — If you think the matter is bigger and trickier and you couldn’t just handle it on your own, call Crawford Plumbing for emergency plumbing in Melbourne. They are ready to help you 24/7 in any such crises with their experienced plumbers. But ensure to ask them about the safety precautions they’ll take when they visit you. Inquire about the sanitisation of the equipment that is going to be used by them for the task and the plumbers visiting you should be taking necessary precautions too! Though your plumber would be already taking all the necessary measures for better safety, ensure even you are keeping away from them while they work, wear a mask, and always have sanitisers under a good reach for frequent use while the task is going on.

The pandemic is going to continue for some time now! It’s important that we’d get ready for the new normal, even during a plumbing emergency. And taking all the above precautions at this time ensures you are safe and even your issue is resolved finely.

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