6 Things To Consider Before Installing A Solar Panel

Before Installing A Solar Panel

Solar panel installation is becoming more of a trend than a necessity these days. So, why not follow the ‘essential’ trend? Due to the outstanding advancements in solar panel technology, one can even have a cost-effective model as per their budget. In this way, you can generate electricity in your home or at your workplace in an environmentally sustainable manner. The Planet Earth will thank you, your budget will be minimal, and your place will be constantly enlightened.

Installing Solar Panels

However, before you jump onto the solar panel installation in brisbane, here are a few important things to consider. Though it is a great choice, you need to analyze whether it is a feasible option for your home or not. Do you need any pre-installation work done? What would be the relevant costs involved? So, let us understand all of these vital things. 

The Roof 

Obviously, the panels are to be installed on the roof of your business premises or your home. So, you ought to examine the durability and other aspects of your roof. Here is a list of things you need to check about your roof: 

  • What is the age of your roof? – This will help you to check its sturdiness and detect any repairs if required. Compare the life of your solar panels and the expected life of your roof and do a cost analysis. 
  • Analyze the roof shape and space – Your roof should have sufficient space to install solar panels
  • The direction of your roof – Since solar panels are to be installed with a specific placement, you have to analyze the direction of the roof slopes to have maximum sunlight. 
  • The capacity of your roof in handling the weight of the panels – If the solar panels weigh greater than the roof, then there are chances of roof damage or even collapse. Hire a professional to examine the capacity of your roof and determine if any additional support is required. 

Roof’s Capacity to Handle Natural Calamities 

Well, now you can ask your roof how it is going to handle other natural situations like a torrential downpour, storms, lightning, hail and much more. There are possibilities of the solar panels getting damaged or leaked. So, consult your contractor about all these natural circumstances and how to deal with each of them. An insurance policy might also help in certain cases. 

If you live in an area that has heavy rainfall or thunderstorms, then getting solar panels installed might be cumbersome. 

Determine the connections

Most of the people are concerned about the roof and its overall structure. But they fail to determine the connections to the grid of a local utility. This might involve estimating the duration, any fees to be paid, when will it be credited to your account and so on. We recommend you to research on the internet for any help guides. Also, you can ask any of your friends or relatives who have installed solar panels recently. 

Research more, don’t Settle for Anything Less 

It might sound like a life mantra, but it is also applicable while installing solar panels. Settling with the first contractor might sound easy-peasy, but you might end up spending extra costs and seeking lesser services. Hence, we will always advise you to research more on the internet as well in your locality. Seek different quotes, discuss with the professionals, talk with their previous customers and then make a purchase decision. You need to grab a cost-effective quote and seek the industry’s best services from the contractor. 

Warranties and Insurance 

Discuss the warranties with your seller beforehand. In case of any damages or leakages to the panels, these warranties come into the limelight. The manufacturer is still accountable to you within the warranty period, always remember that! 

Even during the installation of solar panels, several nasty problems can crop up. So, it is recommended to have an insurance policy. 

Formulate a Self-maintenance Policy 

Even though your solar panels are covered by warranty and insurance, you need to maintain them in good condition. Discuss with your contractor how you can meet the maintenance requirements, right from the installation stage. 

In a nutshell, if you are conscious of all the above things, then solar panel installation is a highly manageable task.

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