7 Car Detailing Myths You Should Stop Believing Right Now

In order to achieve my lifelong goal of writing a book about Auto detailing in Saint Johns County, I would like to point out a few myths that car owners should stop believing or practicing. Yes, you should refrain from sharing.

  • You can wash your vehicle at any time

You may think it is correct, but then you will reconsider. You can wash your vehicle at any time, but you cannot do this anytime. It will be hot if you’ve just driven it or left it in the sun. If you wash it now, the soap and water are drying up quicker and will leave spots. It won’t be as easy to wash it if you wait for it cool.

  • Dishwashing soap is an excellent option

No matter how many times it has been pointed out that this is a myth, most people still don’t get it. Let me keep this simple. Dishwashing detergents are a powerful option for washing. It removes not only the dirt, oil and grease but also the polymer used to protect the paint finish.

  • The two words cleaning and washing are the same

Washing is the $10 service which leaves your vehicle’s exterior looking gleaming. The auto cleaning service is more thorough, takes longer and costs more. The interior and stubborn stains are the focus. This should be done several times a year.

  • Shiny equals clean

How deceiving are the eyes? The car may look clean but still be dirty. Touch test is the only way to be sure. The body will feel as smooth as glass if you do it correctly. You will still feel bumps. Use a clay bar to remove dirt and grime before you apply wax or polish.

  • The terms polishing and waxing are synonymous

The difference is obvious. The car’s shiny surface is achieved by polishing. Waxing is used to protect the finish of the car. This is achieved by wax resins and polymers. A dull surface will never become shiny with wax.

  • Wax protection can last for up to 5 years

This classic sales pitch, however, is a myth. Regardless of what the dealer or manufacturer says, the life expectancy of wax is solely dependent on the conditions in which the car operates.

  • Only wash when dirty

The majority of people only wash their car when they notice a dirt-collecting car or a kid has left a message saying “please wash me”. This dirt will slowly start to remove the wax, causing the paint finish to be damaged. Regularly wash your vehicle.

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