In action: How Botox works

Given all the misconception that seems to surround Botox and even its applications, it is time that you learned a little more as regards how it works so that you would have a better understanding of Botox, its various applications and the need for the same. It should be pointed out that the FDA gave approval for Botox only in 2002 but since then it has been widely used in various cosmetic applications. Botox was initially developed as an anesthetic, and for medical use but one of the side effects of the same has been the fact that it has been able to smooth the lines and wrinkles on one’s face – and that’s why you’re bound to come across Botox in various cosmetic applications.

How does Botox work?

Botox was approved for various medical applications by the late 1980s and its cosmetic applications were approved by FDA only by 2002. Botox is mainly prepped from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, after purifying it and making the same, safe for use on humans. Botox was mainly developed as a way to combat uncontrolled blinking as well as lazy eye, and eye spasms, which can be painful at times. But since then it had been noticed that as small amounts of Botox are injected into the muscles directly, the injected muscle is unable to contract and thereby smoothens the lines and wrinkles on one’s face. You can read more in detail on this procedure, by searching online for Botox London. Do note that Botox does not work on wrinkles or crow’s feet caused by Sun damage; they need to be treated differently.

How is it performed?

The whole procedure takes only a few minutes; your physician would first inspect the target area and clean up the skin in and around the area. He may even take a few high resolution images for the pre and post shots, which you can review later on. Once the target muscle is identified, your physician then takes a small amount of Botox, isolates the muscle and injects the same with Botox. He also takes care not to inject Botox directly into your blood stream as that can cause you to experience some complications. The whole procedure lasts only for a few minutes but it would take anywhere from 2-4 days for you to feel the full effect and to see it in action, as you watch your wrinkles disappear. You can Google derma fillers and you should be able to review more information on Botox and its various applications.

How long does it last?

Botox is being widely used to treat various conditions, from urinary incontinence to helping to treat bladder over activity. But more often than not, one of the questions that most consumers have when it comes to Botox injections is as to how long does it last? Well, in truth, that depends more on the individual and their physique but in general, the effects of a Botox injection should last anywhere from four to six months, after which, you may have to go in for a repeat.

Side effects

You may experience some side effects such as headaches which should resolve within 24-48 hrs and should not extend beyond that. Some patients may also experience eyelid dropping but this is a small percentage and is more of a rarity. It usually resolves by itself in a week or two and is more on account of your body reacting to the Botox injection. Please remember that once the Botox injection has been applied, you should not rub the injected area for 10-12 hours and not lie down for 3-4 hrs.

This is how Botox works on your body as it relaxes the muscles under your skin and smoothens away those wrinkles. And of course, Botox injections must be used in small quantities and you need to allow for the current Botox to be flushed out of your body (4-6 months), before you can go in for another round of Botox injections.

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