All You Need To Know About PEX Tubing

PEX or otherwise known as Crosslinked Polyethylene Tubing is a certain type of piping material through which water supply pipes & fittings are built. In recent years, the use of PEX tubing is slowly increasing, but it should be perceived that there are specific concerns about its safety as well. 

Therefore, to educate you in a better manner, in this guide, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most important information that you need to learn about PEX tubing before you decide to utilize it in your home.

What Do You Mean By PEX Water Supply Piping?

PEX piping can be defined as flexible tubing material that’s directly made from high-density, cross-linked polyethylene polymer (HDPE). The manufacturing procedure of PEX tubing involves the melting of polymer material and then the same is used to create water supply tubes or pipes. 

Since the material is cross-linked, a professional home inspector in Orlando points out that that the overall flexibility, strength, and durability of the polymer material will be extremely high. It’s because of the crosslinking manufacturing process that PEX tubing can resist all types of impact damage, cracking, and even extremely chilly temperatures. 

What Are The Significant Advantages Of Using PEX Tubing?

There’s no denying that one of the obvious advantages of using PEX tubing is its overall flexibility. There’s no need to cut this type of tubing because it can easily create bends and shapes depending upon your needs & preferences. The use of fewer fittings means that there will be fewer chances of leaks or the need for solder and adhesives.

Some of the other advantages of using PEX tubing include:

  • No signs of corrosion.
  • No build-up of mineral deposits.
  • Will not break or crack in freezing temperatures.
  • Highly efficient in the transfer of heat & cold.
  • Quite affordable and costs less than copper pipes.
  • The installation procedure is less labor-intensive compared to other traditional piping methods. 

What Are The Demerits Of Using PEX Tubing?

Even though PEX tubing can be termed as an ideal solution for the creation of water supply pipes, it does carry some disadvantages. One of the major advantages of using PEX tubing is its lack of any UV resistance. Therefore, extended exposure to the sun’s UV rays can directly lead to damage.

Furthermore, PEX tubing isn’t as attractive looking as copper tubing. Besides, if PEX tubing is subjected to temperatures over 180 degrees Fahrenheit, then it can get damaged pretty easily. 

However, if you’re someone who feels that you can live with the disadvantages and thereby greatly enjoy the advantages that PEX tubing provides, then you should definitely opt for the same. But, ensure that your local municipality laws allow the use of such materials. 

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