All you need to know about wave curtains

Wave curtains look great in any environment. We’re here to answer all your questions about these minimalist and stylish curtains.

What is a Wave Curtain?
Silent Gliss has trademarked the wave curtain system. Wave curtain is a modern alternative for curtain headings. The curtains are guided along wave curtain tracks, creating a ripple effect. Wave curtains are a modern alternative to curtain headings. They create a uniform ripple effect by guiding the curtains along special wave curtain tracks.

What is the function of wave curtains?
A wave curtain header is used to create the wave curtain effect. It gathers the curtain fabric into uniform folds.

Wave curtains will look good in my house?
Wave curtains are perfect for both modern and traditional interiors. They look great with either. Wave curtain tracks maximise the amount light entering the room. They are ideal for spaces where sunlight is limited.

Wave curtains can be made from any fabric.
Some fabrics do not work well as wave-top curtains. The fabric must be able drape properly, following the curves and turns of the track to create the desired wave pattern.

Fabrics with a pattern of irregular stripes that runs against the tracks’ waves are not recommended. Cotton, voile, and certain silks are all suitable. Test your fabric by holding it in your hand in a wave-like pattern.

Wave curtains can be used to highlight repeating patterns because of their uniform and even fall.

How much fabric will I need?
Wave curtains are a good example of a curtain that is difficult to customize. You’ll need to use between 2 and 2.5x the size of your window. However, the curtain track specifications will guide you.

What is the most popular type of wave curtain?
Wave curtains come with either 80mm or 60mm space between each glider. The most popular size is 80mm, which creates a bigger wave effect.

What track is best for wave curtains?|
There is no better wave curtain track than the other. It’s all about personal preference. The Silent Glaiss 3840 would be a good option if you’re using wave-headed curtains as a space divider. It is the same on both sides and the top fixing bracket is hidden.


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