Corner and Edge Protection is a Cheap Way to Protect Your Product

Anybody who has moved knows how easy it can be to dent or damage a sheet, or even a window. It can be hard to safely move large flat items like mirrors, tables, and paintings. If you take this to an industrial level, where these ungainly objects are moved and shipped in the thousands or hundreds every day, damage is almost certain. Even with high mechanical efficiency, damage and breakages will occur. A pane or a panel will slip and fall sooner or later, move during transport or bang into the edge of an opening. In some scenarios, a single pane can cause a landslide if others are caught in its momentum.

Transport will always result in losses. These losses can be reduced if an organization is willing to take simple preventative steps.

Simple and Cheap Corner and Edge Protection

Let’s say you need to ship a truckload full of windows. Glass countertops are another option. You may have a shipment of solar panels to transport from the factory without any cracks, dents or other dings. You want to make sure that the items are handled with care, packaged properly, and supervised by a supervisor. It’s also important to ensure that all items are fitted with corner or edge protectors to protect them.

Imagine a smartphone protect. It’s really nothing more than an outer cushioned band of plastic. The protective strip is the first thing to hit the ground when you drop your phone. It absorbs the impact, and prevents damage. Edge protection and corner protection work the same for panels and panes. Fitting protectors to the corners or around the edges of your product will give you extra peace-of-mind that it is protected from accidental accidents.

Custom Size for Custom Protection

We will make a corner protector or edge guard that fits the client’s needs. So, our customers are not forced to use protection that needs to be stretched or is so loose that it could fall off. It’s important to ensure that the protection is tight. This will help businesses ship their next order without worrying about whether or not it fits properly.

What’s the value of this kind of protection? Manufacturers could potentially save hundreds of thousands in costs for replacing broken items and shipping costs, as well as the time and money involved with additional shipping.

Our guards can be used again and again as long as the dimensions of your product remain the same. That’s a large amount of money that a company could shift from the incidental costs column to the profit column.

A small investment in edge or corner protection will pay off in the long run by reducing losses due to products that are damaged in accidents. Accidents that could have been avoided if a plastic cushion had been placed between the product and nature’s uncaring laws.

Why lose one more piece in transit?

Each pane that you ship is a risk. Why risk your bottom line if you do not have to? Simple edge guards or corner protectors can save you up to several times their initial cost and make your customers happy by preventing them from having to wait to receive a replacement.


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