What should you be discussing with your concreter before choosing an exposed aggregate driveway?

Low-maintenance, aesthetic and affordable, these describe an exposed aggregate driveway the best. Exposed aggregate is basically the technique which is used to strip down an upper concrete skin layer which gives way to reveal the exquisite natural look and quality of stones and granite. It’s been in practise since centuries, and still remains popular as ever because of their stylish and versatile form. It is a type of decorative concrete which is best used for your driveways, patios, areas surrounding the pools etc. An exposed aggregate driveway imparts a perfect unique statement to your home, and you could either choose a single colour or go for a mix of natural stones and materials.

It’s one of those surfacing materials which you can invest in keeping your eyes closed. If you are thinking of selling your home, or just on the lookout for an affordable, home-improvement project, installing an exposed aggregate driveway is the answer to your problems. They beautify your home considerably, and potentially increase its value. The smooth, neat, and clean lines along with a stunning visual effect are the reasons for the everlasting impression left behind by aggregate concrete driveways. Decorative Concrete is one of the best concreters you could contact in Brisbane. They have been making customers happy and satisfied for over 20 years with their premium quality concrete finishes.

Ask your concreter the following before you choose an exposed aggregate driveway

An exposed aggregate can turn out to be a great choice for any concrete surface that you may need to install on your property, including driveways. This kind of a surfacing material is a bumpy one, and gives the concrete surface more texture, making it slip-resistant. Concreting in Brisbane is mostly associated with exposed aggregate, which enhances the look of concrete from something dull and grey. When you have hired a concreter to work on exposed aggregate for you, note down some of these questions which you have to ask:

  • Choosing and placing: You may not consider your concreter to be a designer, but trust us, they have a lot of experience in choosing your aggregate concrete colour and placement. They can help you avoid the mistake of pouring a very dark aggregate, and then regretting how dark and overpowering it looks. They could also help you incorporate exposed aggregate as a trim around your driveway, instead of the full thing, which could enhance the overall look further. So, it’s better you trust their judgement regarding the aggregate colour, mix, placement etc.
  • How long: You need to ask if adding an aggregate to your driveway shall make the job longer. It makes the job take longer than expected, as you need to spray an additional chemical layer to keep it protected. Aggregate driveways may also need more curing time so that it could collect moisture, and not turn brittle. Then, the concrete is left to dry. Whatever be your doubts, make sure to clear it with your concreter, ask about any potential delays so that you can plan your schedule accordingly.
  • How to protect: And finally, the last important thing that you need to ask is that how should you protect your exposed driveway. Usually, any concrete surface requires a sealer to be applied every few years in order to prevent it from cracking or holding in excessive moisture. In case you choose an aggregate, you need to apply a special sealer. They will tell you that using standard filler for cracks will make the dull grey stand out against the aggregate, while coloured latex filler might be a better choice.

So, these were some of the most important questions that one should ask his/her concreter for choosing the right aggregate and caring for it in the right way. You should make sure to have every ounce of doubt cleared up, and you shall have a unique, durable exposed aggregate driveway in no time.

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