How to Guide: Matching Makeup to Your Hair

Hair styling and makeup are two crucial aspects of your everyday routine, especially when the temperature rises and you are spending more time with acquaintances. If you’re seeking an update in the summer or spring, picking the appropriate hair shade and style is essential. When you’ve found an aesthetic you like it’s difficult to determine which shades of makeup are the most effective and will enhance the overall appearance!

Our hair stylists will take you through a few tips and tricks that will help you select the right makeup to match your hair’s color and hairstyle. Find out more below and make an appointment for a hair color or cut appointment today!

Match Your Foundation
The most important thing to do to get your makeup to be in line with your hair’s color is to begin with a foundation or tinted moisturizing product that you enjoy, and matches your hair and skin tone. If you’re an edgier hair color like copper or red It is possible to select a foundation that has warm undertones. If you’re sporting silver or ash blonde hair, choosing a base that has cool undertones could be helpful. It’s crucial to select the correct foundation base to build on.

Consider Your Primary Hair Color
If you’re the universally dyed hair color or natural hair it is important to select eyeshadow colors and other makeup products. If you’ve got blonde hair think about sticking with subtle, muted shades such as beige or taupe eyeshadows, and the beach and pink shades. you can also enhance your green or blue eyes with a subtle smudge in navy liner. However when you have dark or brunette hair you can opt for more striking shades of makeup, such as dark brown eyeshadows for dark eyes or vibrant jewel shades.

Complement Your Highlights
If you’ve got highlights on your hair, don’t hesitate to utilize them as a reference for choosing the right shades of makeup; this will aid in creating a harmonious look that is a perfect match for your hair and natural beauty. For blonde hair, consider using champagne-colored or similar eyeshadow to emphasize the highlights of your hair. This can draw the attention away off your hair and onto your face in a stunning way. In the same way, if you have brighter brown or red highlights and a warm-toned blush eyeshadow could work.

Consider Your Hair Style
You are free to play around with your hairstyle based on the style you pick from our salon. If you’re sporting an updo, like a sleek bun or messy knot, focus on highlighting your eyes to make your face stand out by using a smokey eye or a bright highlighter. If you opt for loose curls or waves you can try a natural dewy look using pink blush and no-makeup to get the most shine. Women with straight hair may want to consider the more sophisticated makeup look with big lips or a striking cat-eye.

In the end, it’s important to have fun and experiment in your choices for makeup and never be afraid to trust your gut in determining the look that makes you feel at your most confident! If you’re ready to change your appearance, get in touch with our Best Hair Salon in Henderson, NV for an appointment!

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