Most Common Commercial Plumbing Related Issue And How To Solve Them?

Maintaining your house can be quite a task and you surely need to know about what issues might occur. Here are the most common plumbing related issues that you should be aware about.

Dripping Faucet: Are you annoyed by the constant dripping noise which is simply irritating. You try to focus on some task at hand and all that you here are dripping noises. However, turns out it is not that difficult to fix this. All you need to do is to replace the washer of the faucet. Moreover, if you want the faucet to stay longer then doesn’t turn it off with a lot of force.

Pipe that leaks: This is perhaps the most common issue which is faced by people. If prompt action is taken right at the beginning then we would end up saving a lot of money cumulatively. The preferred way to fix this issue is to install fixtures that are already water efficient. This way you would not waste water as well as money.

Water Heater Problems: Another really common issue that people report is not having hot water in the house. Before you go ahead and contact the plumber check whether the temperature setting is actually high or not. At times if the setting is moderate then you will end up getting lukewarm water. Moreover, you should also see if the water heater is big enough in order to work for your household. If you have a gas-based heater, then make sure to get it checked for any potential gas leak that may be leading to heating issues.

Clogged Drain: Chances are that you might have already faced this issue at some point in your life. You might feel helpless when the drain is clogged and wonder how exactly you can mend it. The best way to avoid this messy situation is by simply watching what you put in it. It is also a common problem in kitchens. Make it a point to never put any fats or oil down the drain as they will always end up creating a lot of trouble for you. Similarly, letting the eggshells go down the drain is also a bad idea.

Ordeal of Frozen Pipe: The weather can be quite unpredictable sometimes and hence it results in frozen pipes. If you have this kind of situation then it is best to contact a professional plumber. Here is how you can actually avoid this phenomenon. The first thing you need to do is to keep the temperature higher than 68 degrees. Secondly, always cover the faucets that are outside so that they do not freeze. If you do not see any positive results then it is best to consult a professional plumber who can help you with it.

Clogged Toilet: So you rush to your toilet only to find out that it is clogged. No wonder you are disgusted and simply don’t know what to do! You can tackle this issue by using a plunger for the moment. However, if this happens way too often then you must contact a plumber. You can easily avoid this situation by not flushing things inclduing the toilet paper. If you put substances containing plastic then you are only creating problem for yourself.

Valve Malfunctioning: Do you often face problems related to valve malfunctioning? Perhaps it is time to get it replaced! Try and get a quarter turn ball valve. This type of valve would leak very rarely and you would be glad that you bought it.

Water Softener Problem: Is your water softener not working? It could have several reasons behind it. If you can find out the root cause then it is good otherwise it is best to let the professionals handle it.

Thus, you now know how to fix the most common plumbing related issues. If you seem to have any one of these at home then try to use the above-mentioned tips. Moreover, sometimes you might get stuck and would not know what to do which is exactly when you should seek professional help from a plumber.

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