How To Prevent Workplace Illness For Better Employee Productivity?

There are many workplace diseases or sicknesses that are caused by inadequate maintenance of commercial personal hygiene. Mostly these happen if the business owner is not knowledgeable enough or s/he doesn’t want to spend much on cleanliness in the workplace. If the latter one is true, the employees are going to face much health trouble which results in low productivity.

Common workplace illness

Most employees get affected by some common types of illnesses that include bacterial infection, Chronic fatigue, Obesity, Stress disorders, eye strains, slipped discs, cervical strains, back injuries, disc disease, asbestos disorders, and some others. We all know the pressure of sitting in front of a computer for eight hours of a week, it damages the eye condition that results in following different remedial procedures. Not only eye, sitting in a poor posture for the whole day results in high-cost shoulder and backache treatments. Further, doing the same monotonous job every day can change the mental status of a person. 

Everyone’s workplace is such a place where they spend the most time of the whole day. Hence, it is very necessary that the environment should be clean and fresh. By following these simple cleaning and safety measures you can prevent up to 60% illness issues related to the workplace. 

Maintenance of hygiene and cleanliness

The housekeepers must be educated and trained. Ensure that they are following the instructions satisfactorily and keeping clean all the usables including the PC, keyboard, desk, pen stand and all that what an employee may need throughout the day. Employees can be provided with hand sanitizer on their desks apart from restroom use. 

Routine disinfecting 

Make an agreement with your cleaning service provider for routine disinfecting the whole office area. This will minimize the spread of germs. The cleaning staff should routinely disinfect the areas of the office that is even not frequently touched. Go for an extra mile for carpet and upholstery cleaning. You can find several commercial cleaning in  Auckland

Corporate cleaning policy

Commercial places must have a corporate cleaning policy tied up with the cleaning agencies. The cleaning agencies are very efficient in their job. Their job routine includes wiping down all assets of an office starting from all belonging of a desk to file cupboard, chairs to doorknobs, (in the pantry) from spoon to OTG, all the showpieces or decoratives and everything that are visible in a workplace. 

When an employee is ill

It is obvious that even if not well, employees tend to come to work to avoid their pay cut or may be overloaded with work. Assure them for adjustment. If an employee is having a cold & cough or suffering from flu, or any other bacterial infection, ask him to take rest at home, or else others may get affected. His leaves and payments can be subsumed later on. But whoever has mild symptoms and carry on with their work should keep themselves in distant from others or can work in an isolated room for a day or two. 

Entertain your employees

Being a business or corporate head it’s your responsibility to take care of your employees and their well beings. To avoid regular absenteeism of the employees due to health issues or boredom, it is wise to take little care of safety hygiene of the workplace and motivate them to increase their work capacity. 

Along with first aid and a dedicated doctor, you can keep probation of a gym where employees can keep their body fit and feel energized. An arrangement of a game room will help them to feel relaxed when tired up with work. Other than fixed meal break, a shift wise snakes time will prevent the people from eating junk foods frequently sitting at their places. Ask them to have the snakes only in the allotted area. But limit the time. This will prevent them from obesity disorder and walking to the other area would do some physical activity.  And they will find some gossip time too. 

Only controlling is not enough, prevention is also necessary. An effective prevention program in the workplace may save good money that you have invested for employee’s health insurance.  

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